Walter Friedenberg’s girlfriend goes out with the girls from the “Bird Ball”

Musician and TV presenter Walter Friedenberg passed away on October 17, 2018, having lost the battle with cancer. Kristīne’s girlfriend was with her loved one and supported her until the last moment of Walter’s life. After Walter passed away, Kristine has maintained a good relationship with her colleagues from the Bird Ball. And, as they […]

Police have tightened controls on those in self-isolation due to Covid-19

After the end of the emergency, the police continued to use existing means of control, namely by calling and visiting people’s homes. Given the changing situation, these types of control have now been intensified, police said. The police have informed the Minister of Health Ilze Hänķe (AP) that on average 20-25% of those on the […]

Paul Jonas injured his spine and ribs while falling hard in training

Jonah’s record says that one of the trainings experienced a fall before the expected continuation of the season, as a result of which three ribs were broken, but five more fractures were also found in the spinal growths of the spine. Doctors have recommended the athlete to undergo a longer rehabilitation process. The season of […]