The chief prosecutor thanks the institutions for not allowing “Lukovmarsh” ᐉ News

The authorities in Bulgaria did not allow the so-called “Lukovmarsh” – a demonstrative manifestation of the language of hatred, incompatible with the values ​​and customs of Bulgarian society, creating disunity and causing intolerance. After a referral by the Supreme Administrative Prosecutor’s Office, the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Sofia Municipality took […]

Densus 88 Members Who Kill Online Taxi Drivers Have IDR 900 Million in Debt

CNN Indonesia Sunday, 12 Feb 2023 16:53 WIB The police said that hundreds of millions of rupiah in debt owned by members of Detachment 88, Bripda HS, were mostly used for online gambling. (iStockphoto/ugurhan). Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Police mention hundreds of millions of rupiah in debt owned by members Detachment 88Bripda HS […]

If Russians go on the offensive, they will come back in packages – Tymoshko

The head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkiv region, Vladimir Timoshko, in an interview with Kharkiv News, commented on whether we should expect a new offensive of the Russian army on Kharkov. “As for military operations, only the Armed Forces of Ukraine can comment. And it is right. Can the […]

Former Russian Mercenary Commander Arrested in Norway

Rewrite this content Tuesday, January 24 2023 – 14:04 WIB VIVA World – A former Russian paramilitary commander who sought asylum in Norway earlier this month was arrested by police. Andrey Medvedev is being held under the Immigration Act, police spokesman Jon Andreas Johansen told BBC. His lawyer, Brynjulf ​​Risnes, said the 26-year-old had been […]