Newmont wants to raise $ 1 billion in sustainability bonds

(Agence Ecofin) – A quarter of the emissions declared by the 12,000 largest companies in the world are linked to the mining and metals sector. Like the rest of the global industry, mining companies therefore promise to drastically reduce their emissions by 2030, 2040 or 2050. The world’s leading gold producer, the American Newmont Corp, […]

Travelers must present a vaccination card to enter Colombia – Health

From December 14th new measures will come into force regarding covid-19, to enter Colombia. The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, explained that the measures will be divided into two groups. (Read on: Travelers must present a vaccination card to enter Colombia). The first group will be Colombians, foreigners residing in Colombia […]

They discover traces of cocaine in the toilets of the British Parliament

A report published by the newspaper The Sunday Times Unleashed a scandal in UK politics after he claimed they had been found traces of cocaine in different places in the British Parliament, including the bathrooms closest to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office. According to the publication, among the sites that they tested positive due to […]

The 5 aspects to take into account before applying for a loan in Spain

Loans are an essential part of the Spanish economy, since they represent a good way to make important expenses without having to withdraw money from our own savings, something ideal both for business investments or the purchase of a vehicle, as well as for periodic consumption and payment of emergency medical services. But, what should […]

We are Music, from the beaches of La Guajira – Music and Books – Culture

You know you have come to La Guajira when the 30 degree temperature and the refreshing ocean breeze mix with the women dressed in colored blankets while in the distance stories of the desert, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Ranchería River are noticed. (See also: We Are Music, a journey of six […]

This is how you can treat high blood pressure, according to Minsalud – Salud

In the group of cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension is the main factor of Death risk and disease all over the world. (Read on: Diabetes and hypertension: most patients don’t know they have them) According to the Pan American Health Organization, this condition is the cause of heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure requiring dialysis, blindness, peripheral […]

National Police: calls for a general course – Services – Justice

The director of the National Police, the General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, announced the night of this Friday, December 3, who were chosen to advance the Strategic course in Public Security (CESEP), which is a requirement to rise to the rank of brigadier general. The Police generalate was meeting evaluating the resumes of the officers, […]