“You have to do whatever it takes to win”

Canada qualified for Qatar 2022 as the first of the Concacaf octagonal and surprised everyone, even The United States and Mexico, the two teams used to leading in Central and North America but this time they were overshadowed by the performance and effectiveness of the Canadians. Look also The truth is that the team led […]

“It is good to withdraw covid measures but you have to be prepared to return to them”

The coronavirus is still leaving more than 2,000 new infections a day in the C. Valenciana but the expectation is that, once this sixth wave is over, the anticovid prevention measures will be relaxed until something similar to “normality” returns. 2019. It is the message that politicians are already launching: this Monday, Pedro Sánchez himself […]

Germán Velásquez received the Order of the Congress of the Republic – Health

The defense of the right of poor countries to access medicines within an equitable context has committed the Colombian Germán Velásquez, in an unequal crusade against all the interests that encompasses the pharmaceutical market in the world. (Keep reading: WHO recommends giving priority to investigations of version BA.2 of ómicron) Economist, philosopher and extensively aware […]

Are you sure there isn’t something more important?

Ceuta Now! will ask in the next Plenary of Control about the implementation of the rate of occupation of public roads to ATMs. A measure approved unanimously in the Assembly in October 2016, at the proposal of the Ciudadanos group, and of which more than five years later nothing is known. The localist formation wants […]

Are there people allergic to exercise? – Science – Life

When a person is exposed to something to what it is allergic, a protein of the allergen, for example, peanuts, grass or cat dander, interacts with the antibodies of the immune cells from his body. These cells fire chemicals like histamine causing sneezing, hives, wheezing, and other symptoms. There is no protein that enters the […]

Vacancies in USA: worker resignations – USA – International

When the flow of customers to the Pineapple Grill family restaurant in Texas increased, Pomai Uyehara found himself in dire straits: He couldn’t get enough workers. It was then that it occurred to him to offer a bonus of US $ 300 for the chef position and one of US $ 150 for the waiters, […]