The Kremlin called the vote “a triumphal referendum on confidence in Putin”

The Kremlin “considers it a triumph” for the results of the nationwide vote on constitutional amendments, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. “A triumphal referendum on confidence in President Putin took place,” he explained. It was easy to predict a high level of interest in the amendments, he added. “But it was very difficult […]

Arrests begin in Hong Kong under new Chinese security law

In Hong Kong on June 30, on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of the transfer of autonomy from Great Britain to China, the national security law developed by the Chinese authorities entered into force. Speaking at the Chinese flag-raising ceremony on July 1, Hong Kong’s head of government, Carrie Lam, called its entry into […]

Interview with Carlos Arturo Yepes on his resignation from Bancolombia – Vida

Time took on a new meaning for Carlos Raúl Yepes in 2016. After resigning his position as president of Bancolombia, which he held for five years, he turned his gaze to himself. About your family. She left behind the work meetings, the new financial projects and the long working hours, which were already taking their […]

Covd-19: The right to food, at risk | Future Planet

Although we knew it could happen, the covid-19 pandemic has surprised us and, in just a few months, it has transformed all our expectations and expectations, as well as testing our capabilities. It is still early to know its size or to make reliable forecasts about its duration, but we can already advance that it […]

“Now I want to keep Ferrari in a drawer and think only of McLaren”

The Spanish Carlos Sainz Jr, brand new Ferrari midfielder for the 2021 season of Formula 1, told how the negotiations with the Maranello squad developed in the last week and expressed his feelings after the confirmation of the transfer. “They were very particular weeks, making a deal without ever having seen each other is something […]

Exercise microdose: four seconds is enough to start burning fat? | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here Whether Izumi Tabata was in a hurry to get in shape, or did his work leave him with little free time, is a mystery. But something important would haunt his mind when he decided to study the exercise high intensity, and […]

DENK board wrongly expelled party chairman Azarkan from the party | NOW

THINK party chairman Farid Azarkan was unfairly expelled from the party by the board, according to the appeal committee of the party itself. The board, half of which consists of Member of Parliament Selçuk Öztürk, must reverse the decision and inform the press and party members about it. “Disqualification from membership is the most severe […]

The Montaigne Institute think-tank recommends increasing working hours

With a series of radical proposals to deal with the crisis, the Montaigne Institute is reviving the controversy sparked by the president of Medef in mid-April. Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux had indeed raised the question “Working time, holidays and paid leave to support the recovery “, Before retreating in the face of strong reactions from […]

The NBA already thinks about the next season

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the board of governors are continuing talks to prepare for next season and are already working on the option not to start it until next December, according to information offered by several nearby sources. to the league. The final decision of the plan that was defended from the beginning by […]