Ex-Chairman of IDI on PDSI Discourse Reduces Medical School Fees: Very Possible

Merdeka.com – The Indonesian Doctors Association (PDSI) is pushing for the revision of Law (UU) Number 20 of 2013 concerning Medical Education. The purpose of this revision is to reduce medical school costs. Former Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI), Daeng M Faqih responded to this. According to him, […]

In this place aliens can be found!

A prominent space scientist claimed that he knows the best sites to search for alien life, noting that finding huge structures encircling the stars will be the conclusive evidence of the existence of intelligent life outside the planet, and according to the newspaper Universe Today, Benjamin Zuckerman, a retired American astrophysicist, believes that the stars […]

drivers do not have to pay anything!

Published on Friday, May 13, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. Electric cars can park for free, even without connecting to charging stations, in Ghent. Electric vehicles are allowed to park in a space with a charging station without paying parking fees. Is this “elite parking” or an advantage to highlight for electric car drivers? The question […]

Myanmar’s Military Elite Is Wracked With Fear Due to Rising Popular Resistance

Merdeka.com – Myanmar’s military elite is wracked with fear. This kind of fear has not been seen before since the military staged its first coup in 1962 led by the late General Ne Win. The fear and anxiety that surrounds dictators and their followers after taking power by force is a normal psychological condition, but […]

their file was refused despite low debt

DECRYPTION – New criteria are increasingly taken into account by banks to grant or refuse a mortgage. Since 2019, the situation has changed for obtaining a mortgage. You can no longer borrow for a period of more than 25 years (27 years if you buy a new home) and your debt ratio must not exceed […]

This nun saved the life of the stabbed priest in Nice

In an interview given to Nice-Matin, Sister Marie-Claude tells how she tried to disarm the aggressor of the priest who was stabbed on Sunday April 24 in Nice. A powerful testimony of humble courage. He probably owes her his life. The heroine of the day, however, is a humble 70-year-old nun. Sister Marie-Claude, who came […]