Has French secularism turned into puritanical thought?

The observer notes that France is an exception compared to other Western countries that follow a secular approach to state administration and view of race, culture, religions, and different human races.Signs of secularism are linked by many scholars and historians to the French Revolution that occurred at the end of the 18th century, and it […]

Initiatory Exhibition: Exploring Assemblages of the World and Post-Industrial Landscapes

An initiatory exhibition, assemblages of the world and post-industrial landscapes begin the cycle of exhibitions. The Tecla Sala Art Center, the Arranz-Bravo Foundation and the TPK Arte y Pensament Contemporani kick off a new season of visual arts this Thursday, September 14, coinciding with the start of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend. The Tecla Sala Art […]

US police officer murdered a man, thought he was carrying a knife

A Denver Police officer, USA, fatally shot a man thinking he was armed with a knife, when in fact he only had a black marker in his hand, local media reported when commenting on the body camera recording of the agent Body camera video shows the suspect, Brandon Cole, 36, raising the marker to chest […]

US media: China’s economy is worse than anyone thought

After China enters 2023, the policy of dynamic clearing will be relaxed. Wall Street is full of expectations. China’s economy is expected to recover, but this year is already halfway through, and the facts are not what Wall Street imagined. Articles in the US media pointed out that China’s economy is bigger than anyone imagined. […]

Historical confirmation: Thought on horseback

José Martí when he fell from his horse in Dos Ríos, in his first combat in the war of 1895, when he was only 42 years old, he did know how to ride a horse and was an excellent rider, although some without bad intentions, but ignorant of history true, have tried at different times […]

“A Point of Thought” by Hammad Al-Noumsi.. A political, human rights book

Recently published by the Tarous Center for Publishing and Strategic Studies, a book (The Point of Thought) by its author, Professor / Hammad Mishaan Al-Noumsi. A signing ceremony was held for the book (The Point of Thought) at the headquarters of the Tarous Library and Center for Publishing. On the sidelines of the signing ceremony, […]