HBO GO: Film and series premieres on July 1-14, 2020

HBO GO streaming service is characterized by the fact that on the platform almost every day there are not only movies or full seasons of the series, but also subsequent episodes of individual series in a cyclical form. Therefore, in the first part of this material we present interesting news and series (excluding the series […]

The funny merry-go-round of Kate Atkinson

Sometimes we laugh when reading the new thriller by Kate Atkinson, a novelist who is best known for her novels mainstream, the most famous being the first, Behind the scenes of the museum. We are with the English, by the sea, with an honest detective, Jackson Brodie (recurring hero), and a representative of the typical […]

At war with boredom: barred western, surrealism and variƩtoc

1-With opium western Those who have retained the name of S. Craig Zahler for his remarkable thriller Dragged over the bitumen, released directly on video on demand and in the hollow of last summer, will be delighted to learn that his first feature has landed on Prime Video. Released in 2015, Bone Tomahawk works the […]

City Hostel Berlin: Henryk M. Broder in Kim Jong-us hostel

NI have never prepared myself for a visit to a hotel as thoroughly as this time. I packed my own Seersucker bed linen, two terry towels, training pants and a few brand new dark blue crocs because I react to carpets in hotels like allergy sufferers to crusts and shellfish. I filled another large shopping […]

Silke & Holger Friedrich: Small ripoff at the Zurich financial center

GGreat fortunes are usually built up over generations. Silke and Holger Friedrich did not have this time. The spouses, 47 and 53 years old, both children of the GDR, have created a respectable company empire in only a quarter of a century and acquired stately property. An industry expert alone estimates the value of the […]

Don Alphonso: Coronavirus in Italy

My dear brothers! I am glad that all lambs and sheep have come, even those who have foot and mouth diseaseDon Camillo once greeted his friend Peppone in the church, and the sentence perhaps also expresses a little the robust relationship that Italians have to health and illness: I know the saying of my grandmother […]