Third season ‘Euphoria’ won’t come until 2025

The story continues where it left off. After Pope has decided to leave the Netherlands, Tatta rips his 2000 kilos of coke from Antwerp. Samira, Pope’s sister, is left empty-handed in the Netherlands. As her brother’s deputy, she must deal with all the consequences that come from the theft. And as a newcomer, this makes […]

warning signs to watch out for

The warning signs that can lead to an early diagnosis of this very frequent type of tumor. According to American Cancer Society, 1 in 8 men will present prostate cancer at some stage of your life. Given this, the best prognosis will be given with the early detectionwhich will be possible with routine check-ups and […]

Qatar 2022. The cracks to take into account in the World Cup

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Stay vigilant with the covid

The latest data that covid-19 has produced in our city is not at all pleasant, but quite the opposite. In just three days there have been almost thirty infections while at the University Hospital not only have been admitted again but the figure reaches eight people, that is, to take into account. […]

How to be successful when you go on a diet

tell me how many times have you put diet on your own and I’ll tell you how many times you’ve failed. Maybe he sounds apocalyptic, omniscient or even pushy. But the truth is that it is something that most nutrition experts often say. They no longer talk about diets to lose weight but about resources […]

Nurse reveals why many terminally ill patients stop being afraid of dying

The health professional tells secrets about death and its processes in her TikTok account. Julie McFadden is a nurse who works in the special care area with terminally ill patients, so that they have a dignified death. And he takes advantage of his experience to tell secrets about this painful process on TikTok. For example, […]

Marl yesterday and today | Regional | experience home

Product information “Marl yesterday and today” Local history of NRW: Marl in transition – then and now in direct comparisonGert Eiben presents 55 fascinating historical photographs, which impressively document the change in Marl over the last decades. The direct Comparison of historical and current photographs from the same perspective shows how much the cityscape and […]

Crispin Odey, the salmon that is not afraid of volatility | Opinion

They consider him the new George Soros, because he is making a fortune against the pound. Although in this case it is the currency of his own country: the British Robin Crispin William Odey (Yorkshire, England, 1959), known as Crispin Odey, is a manager of hedge funds, and founder of Odey Asset Management. Its reference […]