he created a WhatsApp group with his ex-boyfriends together to ask them for something

While WhatsApp plans to give newsletters a place of relevance as another communication format beyond chats and video calls, the viralization of what a young Spanish woman did monopolized everyone’s comments on social networks. The girl shared on her account TikTok a video showing that created a WhatsApp group between her and her three ex-boyfriends […]

protection against flooding

News Expansion of the Main dike begins in Offenbach-Rumpenheim by Karl-Heinz Stier (17.02.2023) The work to expand the Main-Winterdeich began in the Rumpenheim section with the first bite of an excavator. On this occasion, along with District President Brigitte Lindscheid, representatives of the city of Offenbach and residents of Rumpenheim came together. ‹ › Present […]

Do the old seeds still sprout?

Bornhöved – Anyone who has stored seeds or even has stock from previous years cannot be sure that they will be able to fill their beds or even harvest them in 2023. Because seeds don’t last forever. Purchased seeds therefore usually have a sell-by date. You can find it on the bags. With undated packaging […]

Accounts together or separate?: Psychology of money in the couple

Rewrite this content For men, what generates the greatest subjective well-being is the amount of money they earn, while for women it is the way they manage money In traditional couples, money had a more communal meaning that symbolized the couple’s own union. Currently, relationships are more individualized and there is a commitment to greater […]

Song #39: Foolish Girl (Felice deHouwer)

Felice deHouwer is a talented musician and the daughter of Brigitte Dudli from the founding team of Zertifikate Forum Austria (ZFA). From episode 01/23, Felice will provide the jingle for our monthly certificate podcast at https://audio-cd.at/certificates. Here is “Foolish Girl” in the single version. Felice has been performing on stage since her early years: “From […]

“I regret having told you that she had someone else” – Corriere.it

from Chronicles editing The woman: “Your father and I died there.” In recent days, another interception had emerged, in which the eighteen-year-old’s father explained that he “killed her for her honor” “Your father and I died there.” For the first time, Saman Abbas’s mother talks about her daughter’s death. The interception dates back to the […]

Snap: Chat and messenger service doubles loss and grows more slowly again

SANTA MONICA/ LOS ANGELES (IT-Times) – The chat and messenger snap has released its results for the second quarter of fiscal 2022 and once again caused a negative surprise on Wall Street. Snapchat Stock: Quarterly ResultsSnap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP, ISIN: US83304A1060) revenue…Read the full article…

Sunday talk at the CasaBlanca cinema

MTK-News “1700 years of Jewish life in Germany” by Adolf Albus (27.06.2022) Together with the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation (CJZ) and many cooperation partners, the Main-Taunus-Kreis organized a program “1700 Jewish Life in Germany” with over 50 events. dr Micha Brumlik will draw a conclusion in a Sunday talk on July 10, 2022 at 11:30 […]

Advance knowledge of the relationship between epigenetics and aging processes, key to personalized medicine

In the `Biological Area´ section of the 62nd SEGG Congress, the symposium “Epigenetics and aging” was held, moderated by Dr. Dámaso Crespo Santiago, professor of Cell Biology. University of cantabria. Its content revolved around stress, aging and epigenetics in rare forms of disease; methionine, … Notice: Undefined variable: cat_keep_reading in /var/www/immedicohospitalario/public_html/zonas_publicidad/IMMEntreTexto.php on line 8 Notice: […]