Madrid’s setback weakens Casado after his terrible week

05/10/2020 05:00 Advanced in The “pollice verse” or “thumb turned” is the gesture with which the Roman emperors spared or not the life of the gladiators, once they verified the opinion of the public present in the circus. Pablo Casado The week began with the vertigo of having the government in his hand and he […]

The botanical boom: put a garden in your life

Updated Thursday,     16     April     2020     –01:31 “The gardens not only stimulate our desire to inhabit a better world, but also our escapist fantasies,” says Santiago Beruete inJardinosofa(Turner). Published in 2016, this“philosophical history of gardens”became the firsthiteditorial aboombotanist who in recent times has garnered other titles such asThe Prado garden(Espasa) by Eduardo Barba, a tour of […]

A Spanish girl dies in a plane flying over Brazil to Madrid

Friday, twenty-one February 2020 – 21:51 Avin of the company LATAM. A Spanish woman, 70 years old and a native of theprovince of ToledoI died for onepulmonary thrombosisDuring a flight between Santiago de Chile and Madrid that had to land in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza to try to help it, Spanish sources informed EFE […]

The Toledo Pact plays its credibility in this legislature

The Toledo Pact starts again practically a year after it disintegrated. “Is dead”. With these words the then deputy of PdeCAT Carles Campuzano He certified the impossibility of reaching an agreement precisely when he was closest and after two and a half years of work. Campuzano, one of the heavyweights in this commission, will not […]

Goya Toledo: “I still do not rule out motherhood”

I don’t want shoes, I want to walk barefoot. I need to touch the ground, step on the ground. It was Goya Toledo’s reaction after his first visit to a hospital for children with cancer. That had to do with the filming of the movie ‘Maktub’, by Paco Arango. “The children were in their beds, […]

New impulse to the candidacy of Sigüenza as a World Heritage city of Unesco

Updated Wednesday, 29 January 2020 –21:57 The City Council of Sigüenza approves to create a Governing Council that guides the candidacy of the medieval city Sigüenza Cathedral seen from the Plaza Mayor.ANTONIO HEREDIA The Plenary of the City Council of Sigüenza approved yesterday the creation of the Governing Council that will guide the candidacy of […]