“Lido” plans to start operations in Lithuania and Scandinavian countries as well

At the same time, representatives of “Lido” did not disclose the amount of the planned investment. Among them, the co-owner of “Lido” and deputy chairman of the board, Gunārs ķirsons, commenting on the plans of “Treeland” company of the Estonian entertainment service and catering group “Apollo Group” to increase the participation in the capital of […]

shut your mouth and live in your own Spain

The photo was taken in 2017 and showed that Isinbayeva supports Putin in the presidential election. What’s more, the former sportswoman has come out with a statement in which she rejects the connection with the army, despite the rank of major. “In Russia, like everywhere else in Europe, athletes are in sports clubs. Until 2018, […]

Ukraine’s ultimatum to UEFA: either us or Russia

It has already been announced that on Tuesday the Association of European Football Federations (UEFA) gave the green light to the participation of the Russian U-17 men’s and women’s national teams in international tournaments. “We can confirm that Ukrainian teams will not play in any competition that will include Russian teams,” the UAF said in […]

Medvedev announces Russia’s readiness for war with NATO

He recalled the recent transfer of “Abrams” tanks to Kyiv and the planned deliveries of long-range ATACMS missiles, as well as the honoring of 98-year-old veteran of the SS “Galichin” division Yaroslav Hunku in the Canadian Parliament, which was later recognized as a mistake, The Moscow Times reports. “It seems that Russia is left with […]

Today, the government will start reviewing the 2024 budget draft

The budget priorities were already agreed upon during the formation of the government, they are internal and external security, health care and education, the prime minister said. Also, solutions have been found in the social field in connection with the increase in the price of services and goods important to citizens, including the gradual renewal […]

Are electric cars really as environmentally friendly as they are praised?

Carmakers have invested billions to develop new battery electric vehicles (BEVs), with more than 30 million such vehicles expected to be on European roads by 2030. Electric cars do not produce exhaust emissions, but the production of vehicles and batteries still produces carbon emissions. So how environmentally friendly are BEVs and how do they compare […]

Merzlikin’s NHL victory and Shilov’s loss in the first test matches

The “Blue Jackets” defeated the “Penguins” of Pittsburgh 4:3 (2:2, 1:1, 0:0, 1:0) in overtime. Merzlikin played in the first two periods, saving 18 of 21 shots in 40 minutes. Jordan Dime scored the winning goal in the third minute of overtime. In the second game between these teams, the “Penguins” won the “Blue Jackets” […]