Lina Tejeiro said that she has been toxic in her love relationships – People – Culture

Colombian actress Lina Tejeiro was interviewed by presenter Alejandra Azcárate. The virtual meeting was made through a ‘live’ broadcast for the cultural house ‘La Morada’. In conversation, in addition to talking about her active role in social networks, the also model He revealed some details about his love relationships, especially the one he had with […]

Chloroquine: “In this case, the state did not play its role”

Professor Bernard Begaud, pharmacologist, former president of the University of Bordeaux, chaired the monitoring committee for clinical trials within the French Medicines Agency (ANSM) for more than fifteen years. He returns for Release on chloroquine, and points to the inconsistency and lack of coordination of the trials in progress. After three months of waiting, do […]

With Philippe Testa, the darkness that comes

Nothing is more striking than immersing yourself in a book that meets our current reality, that of arrest and confinement. The ultra-capitalist society in which the narrator lives the Obscure is brutally inoperative. Not because of an epidemic, but a total blackout after a succession of crippling power cuts. The “obscure” is first, in the […]

‘Toxic’, the Argentine film that predicted the arrival of a pandemic

People with masks, people in white safety suits that disinfect the streets and a couple who must escape a pandemic, although in this case of insomnia: that is the starting point of ‘Toxic‘, an Argentine film that opens this Thursday in an almost prophetic situation. This idea, which seems to have come out of the […]

“The great inventory of flagrant untruths about chloroquine”

End of February 2020. The first Frenchman who had not recently traveled abroad died in the Oise. For doctors worried about what’s going on in China, this is the red alert. Despite posters posted by Agnès Buzyn at airports, the coronavirus has entered French territory. No one knew at the time how it would be […]

“The elephant in the room” – Liberation

This diary started just before confinement, four weeks ago, and yet I barely touched on “The elephant in the room”, “The elephant in the room”. This English expression indicates an important, obvious, possibly risky subject, of which everyone notes the existence but which nobody dares to mention, for fear of the consequences. Our elephant is […]

Young Gun Silver Fox, FM band

What a funny guy, this Shawn Lee. Hyperactive musician, jumping from one style to another, with a manifestly pronounced taste for records from the 70s, especially soul, funk, pop or jazz. Hands-on discography as plethoric as labyrinthine (we talk about forty albums in twenty years), multiplying projects, from his Ping Pong Orchestra to the Young […]