Crown: this would be the final design of Toyota’s next coupe SUV

As we told you a few days ago, Toyota will introduce a new crossover with coupe lines which will be a new alternative in a world market that is increasingly inclined towards this kind of silhouette. For now, was not seen as a series model, but instead appeared in intellectual property registries in Asia. Called […]

Totalcar – Magazine – The batteries of old Toyota hybrids can start a new life

Redwood Material is a battery recycling company co-founded by former Tesla CTO JB Straubel. They announced on Tuesday that their new automotive partner is none other than Toyota’s North American subsidiary, and that they will start with old hybrid batteries. The subject of the cooperation is primarily the end-of-life batteries of old Priuses: after collection, […]

We drove: Toyota Corolla MC 2023

We drove the renewed Corolla with light camouflage We drove the renewed Corolla with light camouflage Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: The 1798 cc has 98 hp with 142 Nm, the 152 hp has a torque of 190 Nm, but this alone cannot be interpreted The 1798 cc has 98 hp […]

Lots of people could lose their jobs because of electric cars

By 2030, no less than 30 battery-powered electric Toyota and Lexus models will arrive, and by then, battery-powered electric vehicles will account for 100% of Lexus ’sales in Europe, China and North America. And by 2035, manufacturing will be zero-emission, Tojoda Akio, the forerunner of Toyota, announced in December 2021. From this, it may seem […]

Suzuki Toyota recreational vehicle cooperation Lead

Suzuki will hold the world premiere of its new recreational vehicle in India in early July. Toyota will also be present at the unveiling: the car will be manufactured by their local plant, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM), from August this year. Known in its factory code name as YFG, the model was developed entirely by […]

This Toyota GR Yaris was owned by Christian von Koenigsegg, now it may be yours

The manufacturer of world-famous supersports obviously has a weakness for powerful three-cylinder engines. Christian von Koenigsegg, the man behind the company that makes some of the most powerful and fastest cars in the world, is not just an entrepreneur, but a true car enthusiast. In addition to the production of famous supersports, it also owns […]

Jake Paul: From driving a $45,000 car, to this…

Jake Paul is one of the most controversial and recognized American celebrities in the world. With his time as a youtuber and as a professional boxer, he accumulated a great fortune, which allowed him to get luxurious cars. He learns more about the high-end vehicle he was able to add to his collection below. June […]

Totalcar – Magazine – Toyota justified the electric car lag

Toyota’s annual meeting was held on June 15, where the brand’s chief technology officer, Masahiko Maeda, addressed criticisms of the company’s strategy strategy: carbon neutrality is clearly the goal (shown by $ 60 billion planned to spend on electricity by 2030).it was models), but the pace of transition is determined by customers. They have clearly […]

Toyota Hilux V6 burning gasoline is in the Czech Republic. You buy it as a countertop

Officially, the Hilux pick-up can only be purchased with a four-cylinder diesel. However, the Dajbych dealer offers an alternative – if you have enough money. Full-fat engines do not understand tighter emission limits, so carmakers are offering them outside Europe. Similar to the Toyota Hilux. It is available in our country with two four-cylinder turbodiesels […]