The Minister of Transport announces a decrease in deaths due to traffic accidents by 5%

The Minister stressed the importance of accelerating the implementation of the “Safe Bike” integrated plan, which includes a set of measures and procedures aimed at improving the safety of bicycle users of all types, especially since they are considered a group that lacks protection. The most important of these measures include promoting the use of […]

French company develops the first e-bike that does not require a battery

This article was originally published in English French entrepreneur Adrien Lelièvre’s e-bike Pi-Pop uses a supercapacitor to store energy instead of relying on batteries. If daily cycling is too strenuous for you, you may choose an e-bike. ADVERTISING The problem is that the production of batteries uses a lot of natural resources such as lithium […]

Extensive notes on performance evaluation and traffic law!

Home Opinions and pens 4 hours ago Muhammad Daoudia A number of personal friends sent me important comments commenting on my article regarding the traffic law, which was entitled “Protecting us from disdain, recklessness, and recklessness.” I thought that these were notes that deserve to be seen by public opinion, His Excellency the Mayor of […]

Traffic – Berlin – Climate activists want to block the Berlin Marathon – Economy

Berlin (dpa/bb) – Many Berlin drivers have to prepare for a week of traffic delays and traffic jams. From Monday, the climate protection group Last Generation wants to block roads and intersections again on a larger scale. The group announced that disruptive actions were planned with hundreds of supporters. The police, in turn, want to […]