Carnival processions: This is how the Saarbahn buses run

Saarbrücken (SL) – Carnival processions: Several Carnival events take place in the Saarbahn bus network, which lead to changes in the timetable. The stops on the detour routes are approached. More detailed information on the diversions in Herrensohr (February 20), Klarenthal (February 22), and Friedrichsthal (February 22) is available on the Saarbahn website at […]

Bomb found! Massive effects on all rail traffic in NRW –

Cologne: bomb defusing – massive effects on train traffic in NRW! on 01/21/2020 at 10:21 a.m. A World War II bomb was discovered in Cologne on Monday. The defusing has a massive impact on rail traffic. (Archive picture) Photo: imago images / Jochen Tack Cologne. Monday night is in construction Cologne-Deutz an American ten-hundred-foot bomb […]

Fines catalog: Federal states introduce new rules for driving bans

Germany Road traffic regulations The first federal states are overriding strict driving ban rules due to formal errors Stand: 02.07.2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes Mainz introduces huge Tempo 30 zone It has never been so extensive in Germany. Almost all of Mainz city center is now a Tempo 30 zone. However, it is still […]

Frankfurt: Political Hammer: Mainkai closure is lifted! – Frankfurt

Frankfurt – On Thursday evening, the city council was supposed to renegotiate the closure of the northern Main quay. This is no longer necessary because: an extension of the block is not possible at all! This emerges from a decree by the Hessian Ministry of Transport on the subject of traffic experiments. The closure of […]

Inspection: electric vans Bringo have to be taken off the road

Bringo electric passenger vans must be removed from public roads, says the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT). These electric shuttle buses have been driving for years in various municipalities, including Vaassen, Deventer, Hilversum and Beilen, radio program reports BNR on Thursday. The vans, which can accommodate up to fourteen people, do not meet the […]

The severe rating of the US State Department in Senegal

Begging, sex trade…: The severe rating of the department of The US State Department, in its 2020 report “Trafficking in persons”, imposed a note on human trafficking in Senegal. In it, he placed our country on the level 2 watch list. “The government has not demonstrated increased overall efforts during the previous reference period,” said […]