12-year-old cyclist saves from collision with wild animal on trail; watch | World

YouTube playback Cyclist almost collides with ramshackle moose Joshua Dennis, 12 years old, was riding a bicycle on a trail in a mountainous region of Talkeetna, Alaska (USA), when he was surprised by a wild animal that appeared in front of him. The boy’s reflexes enabled him to brake the bike before colliding with the […]

The new trail 700 that will replace the Benelli TRK 502

QJ SRT 700, próxima Benelli Although the TRK 502 continues to sell very well (in Spain and the rest of Europe) a new model from the Chinese mother company, QuianJangIt seems that it has all the ballots to become the next trail of the Italian brand. This QJ Motor SRT 700 What do you see […]