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International > Society Ap 02/04/2023 | Ohio, United States Freight train cars continued to burn on Saturday, emitting thick smoke after a derailment that prompted an evacuation order and the declaration of a state of emergency in an Ohio town near the Pennsylvania border. About 50 railcars derailed in eastern Palestine around 9 p.m. EST […]

New strike by UK train drivers to demand better pay

Train drivers from a large part of the United Kingdom are leading a new day of strike this Friday over the dispute they have over their working conditions and wages. Seven damages for the United Kingdom in three years of Brexit Further The railway operators warned that this stoppage will cause serious alterations in the […]

Lionel Messi regrets World Cup insult against Holland striker Weghorst

After the World Cup quarter-finals, Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Holland striker Wout Weghorst clash. The former is now talking about his dropout in Qatar. Lionel Messi slams Holland’s Wout Weghorst after the World Cup quarter-finals. – TyC Sports Ad the essentials in brief At the World Cup in Qatar, Lionel Messi makes a verbal blunder. […]

shoes and shawarma sandwich flushed

Rewrite this content ANP In association with RTV East NOS News•Friday, 2:53 PM Carrier Keolis has closed toilets in trains that run from Enschede to Zwolle. The toilets are broken due to vandalism. In recent months, all kinds of things have been flushed down the toilet, from a shawarma sandwich to a pair of shoes. […]

Hardcore Romance!China Space Station and Fuxing Surprise in the Same Frame

Rewrite this contentglobal current affairs4BTyK0I1HcIarticleSouth Korean soldier’s machine gun fired near the border, the South Korean side said “it was not intentional”world.huanqiu.com4BTvZ5CtsRqarticleMedvedev: If a world war broke out, it would not start with tanksworld.huanqiu.com4BTthiD3vnLarticleNASA releases images of Martian surfaces that resemble animal facesworld.huanqiu.com4BTem0GxKZfarticleU.S. media: Marshall Islands’ status rises because of Beijingoversea.huanqiu.com4BTyqRkW4xvarticlePolice: Hu Xinyu’s body was […]

what is the new “Ouigo classic train” worth?

Rewrite this content WE TESTED – Launched in April, the new SNCF offer connects Paris to Lyon and Nantes on board old Corail cars. Faced with success, the company plans to develop these trains to new destinations. We tested. To make new with old, it is the bet which launches the SNCF with its new […]