The United States will transfer special weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for Crimea: the media found out what they were talking about

Reading Time: 37 Seconds This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine,” URA-Inform reports. This step was announced by General Hodges and could be significant in the context of the situation around Crimea. It is important to note that the version of ATACMS missiles provided to Ukraine has a significantly […]

Dzeko announced for the first time! Lukaku detail in his transfer to Fenerbahçe

Fenerbahçe’s star player Edin Dzeko made important statements about his departure from Inter, where he played before transferring to the Yellow-Navy Blue team. Speaking to Amazon Prime Video Italia, Dzeko admitted: “I would gladly stay at Inter because I am very happy.” “THE TWO YEARS AT INTER DID NOT GO AS WE EXPECTED” The striker […]

How to transfer a house purchased with an Infonavit credit?

Transferring a house purchased with an Infonavit loan can be a very convenient option if you are looking to sell your home and transfer the credit to another person. In Mexico, Infonavit is an institution that provides mortgage loans to workers, which facilitates the acquisition of a home. However, if for some reason you no […]

FIFA confirms! Transfer records have been broken! Historic window

The end of the transfer window is a time for summaries and analyses. FIFA has published the International Transfer Snapshot report dedicated to international activity on the transfer market. Continuation of the material below the video Transfers 2023. A spending record has been broken In the summer of 2023, clubs around the world spent $7.36 […]

Konyaspor gave up, Sumudica is in action!

Gaziantep FK stepped in for Santi Mina, whom Konyaspor was considering in its squad during the summer transfer period, but gave up after shaking hands in principle due to the possibility of the player facing legal problems in coming to Europe due to a past court case. According to information obtained from Gaziantep sources, it […]

Record-Breaking Summer Transfer Period Sees Clubs Spend Billions

8.09.2023 14:50 (Akt. 8.09.2023 14:50) Neymar also cost a lot ©APA/AFP In the past summer transfer period, more money was spent on transfers than ever before. This emerges from a transfer report published by the world football association FIFA on Friday. According to this, clubs worldwide paid a total of 7.36 billion US dollars (around […]