European Union Opens Border for 15 Countries, Indonesia Excludes Pages all – Starting today, Wednesday (1/7/2020), the European Union will open its borders for tourists from 15 countries. Previously, the European Union council also recommended lifting restrictions on travel to these countries when the external borders were opened. Information about opening the border was also conveyed by the President of the European Union Council, Charles […]

Russia Will Fly 2 Tourists to ISS, One of which will be Spacewalk – Russia will fly two tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2023. One of them will exit the ISS area and do so spacewalk. Launch SpaceOn Sunday (6/28/2020), this tour was a booking from Space Adventures, a space tourism company from the United States. The company has ordered two passenger seats on […]

Cancellation of package tours: Federal government sees responsibility in courts

economy Package tours The federal government is shifting clarification of the cancellation dispute to the courts As of May 17, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes Vacation or no vacation? The question concerns consumers who have already booked Credit: picture alliance / dpa Make payment or cancel? Despite the foreseeable border openings, thousands of holidaymakers […]

Cruise: My Ship Announces Corona Virus Consequences!

Cruise: My TUI ship announces drastic consequences for corona virus! on 04.03.2020 at 9:31 p.m. A coronavirus outbreak is to be prevented by all means on the TUI cruise fleet Mein Schiff Photo: Penofoto / Imago In times of the corona virus, traveling becomes riskier and more difficult. Especially who’s one cruise booked, is probably […]

The CEO of Ryanair defends greater controls for Muslim male travelers | International

Micheal O‘Leary (Kanturk, Ireland, 58 years old) is a walking provocation that always seeks advertising advantage for Ryanair in his outbursts. The last, in an interview granted to the newspaper The times, has unleashed the wrath of Islamic politicians and organizations and has served to demonstrate that populism also exists in business. “Who are the […]

Death of Graeme Allwright, a sweet and rebellious song of the traveler

I have to go… this famous song by Graeme Allwright sadly became topical on Sunday February 16 with the death at 93 years of the French folk singer of New Zealand origin in his retirement home, in Seine-et-Marne. Career plans? Graeme Allwright never practiced. The son of a station master, born in New Zealand, has […]

China accuses the US of sowing fear while its Bags sink | Society

The Wuhan coronavirus epidemic is increasingly threatening to become a new element of friction – one more – in the complicated relations between the United States and China. Beijing has made clear its unease about the way Washington has reacted to the biggest catastrophe in the Asian country in years. Measures such as the suspension […]

Jean Greisch, a traveling philosopher between faith and reason

To read the philosopher Jean Greisch but also to listen to it is to be introduced into a conversation with multiple voices. We meet tutelary philosophers – Spinoza, Hegel and Kant -, but also colleagues, and who were sometimes friends, Paul Ricœur, Stanislas Breton, Michel Henry, Emmanuel Levinas, with whom theologians mingle: Romano Guardini, Karl […]

The Goya play three bands | Culture

Towards one o’clock in the morning, the most even race of the Goya awards of the last years will end, that of the award for best film. According to the sportsbook Sportium, Pain and glory, Pedro Almodóvar, is the big favorite with 1.33 euros per euro bet. Second would be While the war lasts, Alejandro […]