St. Regis Chicago —

This year, he inaugurated the St. Regis Chicago, the new skyscraper that surprises in the United States, designed by the prestigious architecture studio Studio Gang, made up of a trio of three interconnected glass skin towers, with an attractive blue wavy façade. greenish, whose tallest structure reached 348 meters in height. This is the third […]

Recommended cities in the world to visit in 2022 – Travel – Life

The sightseeing It is in full recovery after the strong blow it received due to quarantines and other restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic. In that sense, the travel company and publisher ‘Lonely Planet’ presented a list of the 10 best cities to visit in 2022, when the restrictions have gradually ceased from, of course, […]

Content related to the topic Mortgage loans

28OCT21 – MADRID.- Bank loans have been around for a long time and there are different types to choose from, so many that there is not just one classification, but several. Like everything, credits have evolved and there are currently an infinity of online loans, with fewer requirements than with traditional banks. Pages like Credit […]

Australia allows its citizens to travel freely after 18 months

Australia eased its border restrictions for the first time since the pandemic began by Covid-19, Monday, November 1. This allowed some of its vaccinated citizens to travel freely and many families to reunite, prompting emotional hugs at the Sydney airport. Additionally, the 47,000 Australians and permanent residents living abroad are now able to return. During […]

Spain lifts restrictions on Colombian travelers

Spain has lifted this Saturday the temporary restriction of non-essential trips to people from Argentina, Colombia, Namibia and Peru, which remained due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes this Saturday a general provision of the Ministry of Interior that modifies the criteria for the application of the temporary restriction of non-essential […]

it will be required in intercity buses and air travel

The Ministry of Transport He referred this Thursday to the changes that will begin to govern the next monday, november 1 for all those who travel by intercity buses and airplanes on trips that exceed 200 kilometers, for which it will be necessary to have the Mobility Pass. Meanwhile, it was explained that for international […]

November 1: workers will be able to enjoy a new long holiday | News

A new long weekend is approaching, from Saturday October 30 to Tuesday November 2, which could be the perfect excuse to take a short or long outing and escape from the daily routine. To the calendar holiday there will be the Monday, November 1, All Saints’ Day, will be added on Tuesday, November 2, a […]

REVIEW The Apple TV series Invasion is more boring than Fundación

Apple TV Plus premiered his new series Invasión this Friday. It is the second big bet in a month in the science fiction genre after Foundation, based on the popular literary saga of Isaac Asimov. Yet despite big budgets, Apple still doesn’t understand the entertainment business. There is something in common in all the products […]

Take advantage of 50% Discount * instantly at CariciaStore

* The maximum amount of discount to be granted per cardholder during the promotion is $ 50, which is equivalent to a maximum purchase amount subject to a discount per cardholder of $ 100. Valid when paying exclusively with CUSCATLAN Credit Cards that, according to their Loyalty Program, accumulate MultiPremios, including Credit Cards issued in […]