The US comes to the rescue of American Airlines and other airlines

The US Treasury said that had signed letters of intent with American, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines under a $ 25 billion emergency loan program approved by Congress in March. American said this day that it expects to close a Treasury loan of $ 4.75 billion in the third quarter, Besides […]

Viktor Proskurin died of the same lung disease that George Danelia and Oleg Efremov

Honored Artist Dies at the 69th Year of Life at a Moscow Hospital on June 30 Of Russia Viktor Proskurin. This was reported on Facebook by his wife Irina Honda. “I’m still in shock. All is unexpected. Like any death, ”she wrote. Victor Fans Proskurina immediately responded and remembered his wonderful work in the cinema: […]

US economy shows encouraging signs, but Treasury and Fed study more aid

“We have entered a very important new phase and we did it ahead of schedule,” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told the Lower House Financial Services Committee during a hearing to discuss the implementation of the large program of financial aid for the crisis approved in late March. In his testimony Powell highlighted that containing […]

Spain’s 10-year financing cost triples in just two months | Markets

The debt market has become a thermometer to measure the impact of the health crisis on the economy. In addition to the activity of investors in the secondary market, in recent weeks there have been operations carried out in the primary market by both public and private issuers. Here the Spanish Treasury has been especially […]

The Treasury places 2,950 million in letters, above the maximum objective

ThePublic treasurethis Tuesday it raised 2.95 billion euros in a new auction of letters in 3 and 9 months, exceeding the indicative objective that had been set for this issue (between 1,500 and 2,500 million euros). In this way, the Treasury has awarded 450 million euros more than the maximum that had been set, predictably […]

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill passes away

Paul O’Neill, the former Treasury secretary who distanced himself from President George W. Bush due to his tax measures and published a book criticizing him, died Saturday at age 84. Her son, also named Paul O’Neill, said his father died at home after a long battle with lung cancer. After several operations and chemotherapy, a […]

The mystery of the treasure that the Allies stole from the Nazis in the Normandy Landing

Manuel P. VillatoroFOLLOW Updated:04/08/2020 11: 25h save Related news The scene looks like something out of a movie-style blockbuster Kelly’s Violent». Imagine a patrol of Rangers (American elite shock troops during the WWII) exhausted and sweaty after having taken one of the batteries best defended by the Nazis in the days after Normandy’s landing. Its […]

Arqua: Water damages the National Museum of Underwater Archeology | Culture

The National Museum of Underwater Archeology (Arqua) of Cartagena has a problem with water, which will force it to close for six months to try to solve it. Since its inauguration in November 2008, the building that houses the almost 600,000 Las Mercedes coins (the famous treasure of oddysey case) and one of the oldest […]