It does not give any symptoms in the early stage! One of the most common bone diseases…

“The diagnosis of osteoporosis is made by measuring bone mineral density (BMD) or by the development of a low-traumatic fracture. A detailed history, physical examination, BMD measurements and the use of imaging methods in terms of vertebral fractures are the necessary methods to make the diagnosis. However, it is very important to diagnose osteoporosis […]

Grand Lomé: Installation of a drinking water treatment laboratory in Cacavéli

A partial view of the facilities The Togolese government continues to invest in the population’s access to drinking water. In the Greater Lomé region, has just benefited water analysis device as part of phase 2 of the project to improve drinking water supply in the city of Lomé (AEP-Lomé) financed at 02 billion CFA francs. […]

“Tricky non-face-to-face treatment pilot project, death sentence to the industry”

[이데일리 김현아 기자] The Korea Startup Forum Telemedicine Industry Council issued a statement on the 19th and protested against the strict non-face-to-face treatment standard of the pilot project of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The council has 13 companies operating telemedicine services as members. The co-chairs are Dr. Now and MD Square. The Telemedicine […]

4 key points to prevent and detect breast cancer

He breast cancer is a kind of cancer formed in the cells of the mamas. Among the signs and symptoms of breast cancer may include a lump or thickening in the mamaresize, shape the appearance of mamadimpling, nipple inversion, scaling, redness or small holes in the skin, reports the Mayo Clinic. In 2020, the breast […]

‘Suspicion of preferential treatment for Yangpyeong development’ brother-in-law charged with forging personal documents

Police “manipulating documents to reduce development charges” 5 officials of the implementation company forwarded the prosecution opinion The police, who have been investigating the suspicion of preferential treatment for the development of the Gongheung district in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province, sent Mr. Kim (53), the representative of ESI&D and the brother-in-law of President Yoon Seok-yeol, to […]

UC researchers develop a bioprocess to remove microplastics in water treatment plants

An investigation, led by the University of Coimbra, shows that industrial effluents are not the ones that make the greatest contribution to contamination by microplastics when compared to domestic effluents from municipal Wastewater Treatment Stations (ETAR’S). The researchers involved are developing a bioprocess based on agroforestry residues to remove these particles. This study, whose main […]