Mutua Universal committed to eliminating violence against women

Today, November 25, is the International Day for the elimination of violence against women and at Mutua Universal, as a committed entity *, we launch the campaign “Too we can help”. The State Pact against gender violence, in its Axis 3, includes the importance of health personnel in the fight to eliminate violence against women. […]

The most tragic thing about Iota in the islands was experienced at dawn: Ideam

Ideam’s head of forecasts, Daniel Useche, said on Monday that “The most tragic” of the Iota category 5 hurricane in its path through the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina “it was lived at dawn”. “The most tragic thing could be said that it was lived in the early hours of the morning […]

In Nikolayevshchina the hurricane damaged dozens of roofs

Photo: Hurricane aftermath A gusty wind knocked down about 60 trees in three villages of the Arbuzinsky district. Schools, kindergartens and residential buildings were damaged. In the Nikolaev region, bad weather damaged the roofs of about 30 buildings of the residential sector, three schools and one kindergarten, about 60 trees were felled. This was […]

These vitamins make the apple the ideal snack

That many Minerals stuck in the apple, every child knows. What also makes him so healthy and what ailments he can protect against is not that well known. You can find out more about its ingredients here. Apples are one of the most popular types of fruit. Around 30 kilograms of the sweet to sour […]

Krefeld: Unknown people saw off 30 trees on the new bike path

Krefeld. Just before the official opening of a cycle path, strangers felled its accompanying trees. The police are investigating property damage Vocflboouf ibcfo tjdi jo Lsfgfme pggfocbs ýcfs fjofo ofvfo Sbexfh hfåshfsu- EFS wjfmmfjdiu hvu hfnfjou- BVT jisfs Tjdiu BCFs TFIs tdimfdiu hfnbdiu jtu / eft Foumboh Xfhft bn Ejfàfnfs Csvdi tåhufo tjf 41 gsjtdi […]

Discover why koalas lick trees

ABC Science Madrid Updated:05/06/2020 20:49 save The koalas They are one of the most charismatic animals in the animal kingdom, but as a species they still hold many questions. How do they access the water in the treetops? Do they only absorb moisture from Eucalyptus leaves they eat or come down to dry land to […]

Hiking in the countryside: lonely on the way in German forests

AJust wander through nature – this longing is ancient. In the Romantic period and later, Ludwig Tieck, Joseph von Eichendorff and Heinrich Heine were already enthusiastic about the unique “forest solitude”. Today, between (pausing) overtourism, Instagram lemmings and the all-encompassing corona pandemic, the desire for a wild green idyll far away from the crowds is […]

European tree of the year is the ″ Guardian of the Flooded Village ″

JN / Agencies Today at 8:30 pm The European Tree of the Year 2020 award was given to the “Guardian of the Flooded Village” of the Czech Republic, with 47226 votes, with the Portuguese representative in the contest, Castanheiro de Vales, finishing in 6th place. The winner, a 350-year-old wild pine, keeps, according to the […]