Southern and northern Europe grant a truce

Turning to clichés does not always yield good results, and now, five hundred years after the Protestant reform, the Dutch economy is not stronger than the Italian or Spanish one because of the Lutheran ideas that it holds in its society, neither the sun nor the climate of Rome, Madrid or Barcelona are the final […]

Talks over the Libyan truce stall in Moscow | International

Khalifa Hafter (right) greets Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigú on Monday. On video, the continuity of the truce in Libra is in danger. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF T | Video: REUTERS The peace talks for Libya have not yet come to fruition in Moscow. Khalifa Hafter, the Libyan strongman, left the Russian capital […]

The Talibn kill three people in an attack after breaking the truce

LLUS MIQUEL HURTADO Tehern Updated Monday, two March 2020 –17:09 The nine-day violence reduction period “is over and our operations return to normal,” they say. Mul Abdul Salam Zaeef, representative of the Talibn, in Doha.STRINGEREFE Stop the fire. Afghanistan announces that the partial truce will continue until a “complete” ceasefire is reached Conflict. The US […]