Hearings (2) – The Financier

If the public hearings of the Investigative Committee on January 6, 2021 do not convince the people of the United States that Donald Trump is a criminal, the country has no choice. The speaker of the Arizona state House of Representatives appeared before the committee on Tuesday. His name is Rusty Bowers, and he’s a […]

They consider filing criminal charges against Trump for assault on Capitol Hill

For a growing number of Democrats, it is necessary to send to the Department of Justice the information obtained as a result of the investigation of the events of January 6, 2021, when a mob of supporters of the former president stormed Congress to prevent the validation of the presidential victory of Joe Biden. With […]

“January 6 represented the best movement in the history of our country”

Javier AnsorenaFOLLOW Correspondent in New York Updated:10/06/2022 10:59h Save Related news Republicans did not wait to hear the committee’s appearance on January 6 to launch a counteroffensive against Democrats, who are leading the investigation into Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the results that culminated in the assault on Capitol Hill. During the last months, the […]

Lawyer of porn actress who sued Trump sentenced to four years in prison

The controversial American lawyer Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame for representing the porn actress Stormy Daniels in his disputes with former US President Donald Trump, he was sentenced this Thursday to four years in prison for defrauding his client. Avenatti, 50 years old and in his moment of greatest popularity came to sound like […]

Trump promises to arm teachers and shield schools if he runs again

Trump makes a speech during the National Rifle Association in Houston, Texas. / Reuters The former president of the United States warns that he would use a stronger hand in his next term in case he wins the 2024 elections Once again, Donald Trump, the master of populism and post-truth, managed yesterday to turn the […]