VGA manufacturers have accumulated suffocating stocks

If your desire to buy doesn’t accelerate, GeForce RTX 30 series VGAs will be delivered next summer as well. The VGA market has experienced strange extremes in recent years. Last year, the biggest problem was that hardly any graphic controllers were in stores, and now we are at the point where the manufacturers’ warehouses are […]

Semiconductor giant TSMC announced plans to cut costs | Business

TSMC has the world’s largest silicon wafer factories and produces some of the world’s most advanced chips, used in everything from smartphones and cars to rockets. Presenting the results of the third quarter, the company revealed that in 2022 it plans to spend about 36 billion. USD for production equipment, or 10 percent. less than […]

Sony’s first new MediaTek Dimensity 8000 is coming?Japanese media revealed that the mysterious Xperia model appeared on the benchmarking platform-Free Electronics News 3C Technology

Sony released the “truth machine” mobile phone Xperia PRO-I in October last year. (Photo/Photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang) Are there any new mid-to-high-end Sony Mobile phones coming soon? Following the launch of the flagship series Xperia 1 IV, Xperia 5 IV, and the mid-level waterproof Xperia 10 IV, according to the latest news from Japanese […]

The secret of ASML – backlight

VPRO Backlight gained access to the ins and outs of the high-tech company and followed a number of employees. Due to the high demand for chips, chip manufacturers are expanding rapidly. ASML must also scale up at the same pace. The company takes on 100 new employees every week and tries to bring technical talent […]

Russian processors were given new hope. China cloned TSMC chip technologies

<!– Эльяс Касми –> 25 July 2022 12:52 25 July 2022 12:52 | Share Chinese SMIC copied 7nm chip technology from TSMC, which refused to cooperate with Russia. SMIC is still training on the production of simple chips according to a new technical process for itself and in the near future may move on to […]

180-degree turn: companies can drown in accumulated chips

In a few weeks, everything turned upside down, surprising even Wall Street, and more and more companies are suffering because of the chips accumulated in their warehouses. We have been hearing for years that the electronics sector, the automotive industry, and practically everything is suffering from a global chip shortage – huge investments, capacity expansions […]

Bosch invests three billion in chip production

Machine for plating wafers with gold The development center in Dresden is to be massively expanded. (Photo: dpa) Stuttgart, Munich The new Bosch boss Stefan Hartung is speeding up the expansion of the semiconductor division. “We will invest three billion euros in our chip production by 2026,” said the Bosch boss, who has been in […]

‘RTX 4090 can be clocked to more than 2750 MHz’ | Hardware

Almost all specifications of flagship are named Written by Tom Kauwenberg on Monday 04 July 2022 13:10 Nvidia’s awaiting RTX 4090 video card can be clocked above 2,750 MHz, according to a well-known insider. The new, expected specifications come again from @kopite7kimi, which almost single-handedly keeps the rumor mill about Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace generation (RTX […]

After the collapse of the crypto market, AMD and NVIDIA would reduce their orders

Both companies peppered TSMC with their demands, but now it doesn’t seem like such a good idea to use the requested amount of wafers. The normalization of the price of VGAs is clear evidence that the cryptocurrency market is ailing, to put it mildly, while both AMD and NVIDIA placed their orders with TSMC knowing […]