TB vaccine may also prevent corona infection

Elderly people who receive the tuberculosis vaccine BCG are 80 percent less likely to develop respiratory infections. Scientists from Radboud university medical center and Greek and German colleagues conclude this in a study this week Cell. The hope is that the BCG vaccine will also prevent infections with the new coronavirus. “The results are hopeful, […]

The Ministry of Health Promotes TB Awareness through Virtual Running Events

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Based on data from the Global TB Report 2019, 11 people in Indonesia die every 1 hour due to tuberculosis (TBC). Basically, TB and Drug Resistant TB (RO) can be cured and overcome through proper, regular, and complete medication and care. Case finding and proper treatment are also important in efforts to […]

TOSS TBC Virtual Run, Support Against Tuberculosis

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The fact that Indonesia still has the third highest burden of Tuberculosis (TBC) & Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (TBC RO) in the world, does not necessarily close our eyes to the problem of this disease. What’s more, based on data from the Global TB Report 2019, 11 people in Indonesia die every 1 hour […]

Indonesia Rank 3 Tuberculosis, Jokowi: Track TB Patients Together with COVID-19

The next effort that can be done is that diagnostic services and TB treatment must continue to be treated until healed, from the stock of medicines must also be made available. “If necessary, it is necessary to issue a Presidential Regulation or Ministerial Regulation immediately, so that our principle from the beginning: find, treat, and […]

Every Hour, 13 People Died Due to Tuberculosis

In addition to Covid-19, Tuberculosis (TB) can result in death. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Not only the Covid-19 case has not yet been completed. However, Indonesia is also faced with the problem of cases of Tuberculosis (TB) which can result in death. The government through the Ministry of Health only found about 67 percent of TB […]

The immunologist urged the world to prepare for a new epidemic

Following the coronavirus pandemic, the world may face a tuberculosis epidemic. This forecast was made by Ukrainian immunologist Oleg Nazar. The expert believes that the fight against COVID-19 distracts doctors from routine vaccination of the population. Because of this, about six million people can become ill with tuberculosis in Ukraine and in the world, the […]

Experts warn of more deaths from measles, AIDS, TBC

The fight against other diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis or measles is falling behind due to the corona pandemic. This can have serious consequences, especially in developing countries. The fight against the corona virus outshines everything else. Other infectious diseases that have been known for a long time kill millions of people every year – […]

South Africa starts clinical study against COVID-19 with …

/ picture alliance, BSIP Cape Town – In search of a drug for the lung disease COVID-19, South African scientists have started a test with the BCG tuberculosis vaccine with 500 test subjects. “The clinical trial has started, we vaccinated the first few participants this morning,” said Duncan McDonald of the medical research organization Task […]

“Bengalie” of Neva

The authors who published a book this year during the first half of March are not going to forget their misfortune. The essayists, those who have carried out investigations, signed documents, will remain present in the media, from time to time, as specialists in this or that subject. Not all novelists will have this chance. […]