How to record screen on an iPhone without downloading an application

MY KENDAL – Here’s how to record an iPhone HP screen easily without downloading an application. You can find how to record screen on an iPhone without downloading an application in this article. The screen record feature is now easy to find on various types of cellphones. Screen record is very useful when you want […]

The new Hungarian spy film, The Game, will star in János Kulka in June

The new Hungarian spy film, The Game, which has become a cult film at home and abroad, will be released in Hungarian cinemas on June 9. The unforgettable characters of the iconic thriller return to the canvas, played by János Kulka, Zsolt Nagy, Gabriella Hámori and Péter Scherer, Viktória Staub joined the team as the […]

Jared Leto appeared in the high heels, Oscar Isaac skirt on the red carpet

Both famous Hollywood male stars seem to have enjoyed sly looks. She loves being able to bathe in the spotlight Hollywood has undergone a huge change on an almost biblical scale in recent decades: today, as we live in the heyday of TV series, the premiere of a recent series is almost as grand an […]

Totalcar – Tests – Nissan Ariya, Qashqai e-Power, Juke Hybrid

47 Gallery: Presentation: Nissan Ariya, Qashqai, Juke The show was held at the Jarama Racecourse in Madrid, which is somewhat alien to the heavily SUV-based palette, but obviously easier to organize. We looked at the new full-hybrid Juke, and the new X-Trail still covered in camouflage with a handkerchief; we were virtually the first in […]

We drove: Lexus UX 300e

One type of electric driveline is available for the UX, the 300e version, powered by a 204-horsepower, 300 Nm permanent magnet synchronous motor. Built on a TNGA platform, such as the Toyota Corolla, the electric Lexus is a front-wheel-drive model, and its 54.3 kWh battery is built into the floorboard. The newly developed lithium-ion battery […]

We drove: Opel Astra L

The French habitus is not to blame at all on the Opel Astra L, completely different inside than its close sister models (the DS 4, Peugeot 308, which is also based on this floorboard). It was drawn with cool German features, all the Astra so far was much warmer and more homely. However, there is […]

Set Microsoft Edge as default browser on iPhone with the following tutorial

The users from iPhone, By default, they use the Safari web browser, but not all of its clients like how that browser works, so there are several alternatives to use on the mobile device, although today we will highlight the use of Microsoft Edgeso that it is also the default of the cell. It is […]