Skeleton Crew” receives 20 million dollar tax subsidy –

Jude Law to Star in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Image: Disney + For more than ten years, various locations in North America have been vying for the settlement of film and television productions with special subsidy programs. California has now announced the beneficiaries of the next round: A total of just over 90 million US […]

The best movie releases for this summer

With these hot days that we are experiencing, we do not want anything other than being cool, and what less than go to the moviesa cabin famous for entertaining us with movies and for keeping us at a good temperature. In this way, we encourage you to go to the cinema as an activity alternative […]

Review: “Man vs. Bee” (Netflix Miniseries) – 9 short, entertaining episodes

“You know, there was this bee” – a sentence that triggered a turbulent comedy with “Mr. Bean” actor Rowan Atkinson describes. “Man vs. Bee” is a nine-part miniseries, less than 2 hours long in total, but without great lengths in the narrative. Even if you don’t really understand why “Man vs. Bee” had to be […]

Stranger Things 4 Season Finale Trailer – In 10 Days!

We already had pictures of the second part of the fourth season of “Stranger Things” (or officially issue 2 of part 4…) for you here, as well as some first teasers, now Netflix has its successful nostalgia format also an official trailer for the conclusion donated. First of all you will find the trailer in […]

Routes to walk with art and health in Madrid with health information and advice

Walking is one of the most frequent recommendations, especially for patients with chronic diseases. To make these walks more attractive, a doctor from Madrid has created 9 healthy routes through Madrid that, in addition, bring us closer to the art and history of our streets. ‘Pass-art with art’ The Dr Darío Fernándezfamily doctor and clinical […]

The rear center seat, the safest to put the seat in cars

Most families with young children use the safety seat mandatory when they go in their vehicles. However, 6 out of 10 do not know that the center rear seat is the safest place to place them. Wearing these child restraint systems correctly can prevent 75% of deaths in case of accident.