Twitch list is filtered which prevents large streamers from being banned

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord As we have reported this week, Twitch suffered an attack on its security, in which important information about the site and its users was compromised, which has been leaked by the attackers themselves. And now there has been a controversial list of “no […]

What the leak of the streaming portal Twitch reveals

SAnother data leak. Affected is the streaming portal “Twitch”, which confirmed this on Thursday and where people can be seen doing things. They play, react, comment, scold (about people who scold them) and earn a lot of money in the process. This can be checked using a list that comes from a more than one […]

Bad News for Streamers, Twitch Amazon Hacked by Hackers

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Twitch fell victim to leaks of confidential company information and streamer earnings. Even the amount of data uploaded online on Wednesday (6/10/2021) was more than 100GB. Twitch confirmed the leak and said it was ‘working with urgency’ to understand the extent of the issue. In a statement on Twitter, Twitch said […]

Game Streaming Platform Twitch Admits to Hacking and Data Leaks, Jakarta – Platform streaming game Twitch confirmed that it had suffered a large-scale data breach. “We can confirm that a data breach has occurred,” a Twitch spokesperson said on Twitter The Verge, Thursday (7/10/2021). Furthermore, the spokesperson also revealed, “Our team is working with urgency to understand the extent of this problem. We will […]

Coworking enables replacement colleagues from the video stream

Ein stream on Twitch: A woman named “RumpleStudy” sits at a white table with headphones and looks concentrated. She has the computer mouse in her right hand, and the corner of a keyboard can be seen on the left edge. At the bottom right, a timer under the heading “Worktime” counts down the last few […]

Twitch and Warner Music Group to Launch Music Channels

Twitch has allied with Warner Music Group (WMG) to create music channels on the platform and, of course, reduce the music rights problems of its streamers. This agreement will allow different artists from Warner Music Group may have their exclusive channels on the platform, such as Bella Poarch and Saweetie. A standalone space from WMG […]

This is how you make money on Twitch

Is streaming a job? That’s not that easy. (Symbol image) Christoph Soeder / dpa Berlin. For most it is a dream: Doing what is fun all day and getting paid well for it. The Twitch streamer “NoWay4u_Sir” has now revealed how you can earn money with gaming. In this article you will find out: How […]

New price of a Twitch subscription, prices have decreased in France – Breakflip

Subs prices on Twitch will officially be reduced in France this week! Discover the new rates. A few months ago, Twitch made an announcement regarding the price of subscriptions on its platform : these will be modified in each country, according to different criteria, and in particular according to the local cost of living. This […]