Iran responds to accusations about its role in the Houthi attack on Abu Dhabi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Iranian embassy in Islamabad responded to the editorial of the Pakistani English-language newspaper DAWN, about the attack launched by the Yemeni Houthis on the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi, last Monday, which killed 3 people, including a Pakistani. Pakistan’s DAWN newspaper said, in an editorial, last Wednesday, “It is […]

Amazon will open its first non-virtual clothing store

E-commerce company “Amazon” announced Thursday plans to open its first store in Los Angeles that allows the purchase of clothes in the presence of the person, in an additional step for it into the real world.The company’s blog explained that the “Amazon Style” store, which will open later this year, allows customers to shop by […]

Network: Consumer spending in the UAE exceeds pre-pandemic levels

Strongest quarter of the year driven by seasonal activities and Expo 2020 —————————————–Record number of new contracts moving forward in Saudi Arabia —————————————– Dubai: «The Gulf» Network International delivered good results during the fourth quarter of 2021, with total revenue up 30% year-over-year, and 6% higher compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019. This was driven […]

The fifth generation network .. Emirates Airlines suspends flights to American destinations

The company said in an English-language statement on its website, that the decision came due to operational concerns related to the planned operation of fifth-generation mobile services in the United States. Emirates added that among the destinations were Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Miami, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco and Seattle. The company stated that its […]

835 billion dirhams increase in bank deposits in the UAE within 10 years

The value of bank deposits in the country increased at the end of the last decade to 1.884 billion dirhams, compared to 1.049 billion dirhams, with a growth rate of 80% and an increase of 835 billion dirhams, while the total commercial banks operating in the country at the end of 2020 reached 58 banks, […]

Khalfan draws a ring on Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’s finger and hangs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan, Deputy Chief of Dubai Police, published a picture of Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthi group in Yemen, pointing to a ring he wears on his finger. See the ring in its early days… This came in a series of tweets by Khalfan on […]

Two cases against Ahlam and al-Kubaisi for their lack of commitment

Khabarni – The General Department of Investigations in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior recorded two cases of a “special misdemeanor” against a Gulf artist and artist and their companions, due to their non-compliance during their visit to the country with the quarantine procedures imposed by the authorities to confront the “Corona” virus, according to what […]