17 municipalities exempt from accepting Ukrainian refugees | NDR.de – News

Status: 07/28/2022 08:14 a.m In Lower Saxony, 17 municipalities, including Hanover, Braunschweig, Oldenburg and Osnabrück, are exempt from taking in more refugees from the Ukraine due to special burdens. According to the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior, the cities of Wolfsburg and Göttingen and eleven other districts do not have to take in any […]

Ukraine War: These sanctions have been decided

Die EU has, together with its international partners, decided on massive sanctions in the areas of finance, energy, transport, restrictions on people and facilities, and visa restrictions: financial sector: Russian banks will be excluded from the SWIFT system. In concrete terms, this means that these institutes will be cut off from international financial flows; in […]

Will Russia have to give up the occupied Kherson province again?

War in Ukraine Last week, Ukrainian missiles punched holes in the Antonivsky Bridge, the only link between the city of Kherson and the rest of Russian-held territory in Ukraine. — © Bobylev Sergei/tass The Russian occupier may soon have to give up the Ukrainian province of Kherson. Kiev predicts that Russian soldiers will be surrounded […]

This year’s summer hits in Ukraine are not about love or the sun

Reuters NOS News•Monday, 18:45 Chiem Balduk Editor online Chiem Balduk Editor online Where the Dutch charts are headed with songs with titles like In the Stars, I want you in Ferrariare the Ukrainian hits of the moment Home, Fuck you Putin or simply War. Almost every song is about the war. And there is more […]

Residence sticker in Ukrainian passport needed soon, time is of the essence

NOS NOS News•Monday, 10:56•Amended Monday, 11:29 Ukrainian refugees will need a sticker in their passport from 1 September to show that they are allowed to live and work in the Netherlands. As of today, all IND locations where Ukrainians can go for such a sticker are in operation: Assen, Nieuwegein, Amsterdam, Deventer, Rijswijk and Den […]

Russia wants to get out of the International Space Station – panorama

© dpa Russia wants to get out of the International Space Station Directly from the dpa video channel Russia plans to exit the International Space Station after 2024. Cooperation with the USA, also in view of the political tensions between Moscow and Washington, has recently been repeatedly called into question in the course of the […]

Kiev grinds its teeth, but always lets the Russian gas through for Europe

NOS NOS News•Sunday, 22:07 Wessel de Jong reporter Economy Wessel de Jong reporter Economy Kiev watches with grit as the Europeans continue to buy gas from the Russians. Still, Ukraine says it will never turn off the tap to stop the transit of Russian gas to Europe. Rumors had previously circulated that ‘something could happen […]

total chaos, here’s what’s happening – Libero Quotidiano

<!– –> Mauro Zanon July 24, 2022 «Ongoing occupation at the reception center for Ukrainian refugees at Porte de Versailles. We need local support to support our claims: documents and houses for everyone regardless of nationality! ». And again: “This 550-seat reception center, reserved for Ukrainian refugees, has been almost empty for several weeks, while […]