The former deputy of the Rada said that Kiev is afraid of the return of Donbass

The Ukrainian authorities are afraid of the return of Donbass to the control of Kiev, said the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Yevgeny Muraev. A recording of his speech on the OUR channel was posted on the YouTube policy channel. He noted that fear, in particular, is that the Ukrainian authorities will have to […]

Splashy, Pervert Video, Asusila Action on UN Cars in Tel Aviv Israel

The United Nations or the United Nations said it was “shocked and deeply disturbed” by a video clip that showed two of its allegedly “intimate” workers on an official UN vehicle in Tel Aviv, Israel. In an 18-second video posted on Twitter, a man in the backseat of a white car, marked with the United […]

The Norwegian far-right attacks in networks who shows off a UN pin | Global World Blog

Should members of the government pin down the UN’s sustainability goals as the country sidesteps the coronavirus crisis? This question has fueled the political debate in Norway, both in the halls of Parliament, the Storting, and on social media. The multi-colored donut icon representing the 2030 Agenda to achieve the 17 United Nations-promoted Sustainable Development […]

China pressures the United States to pay its debt to the UN

United Nations – China pressures the United States for the more than $ 1 billion that the Donald Trump government owes to the United Nations as unpaid contributions to the agency’s operating budget and to an independent one to maintain peace operations. The unusual reporting of defaults by the China mission to the UN comes […]

Estimate a contraction of 3.2% of the world economy due to the coronavirus

United Nations predicts that the world economy will contract 3.2% this year due to the coronavirus crisis, the sharpest decline since the Great Depression in the 1930s. In a report titled “World Economic Situation and its Prospectss ”, the world body predicts that world economic output will drop by almost $ 8.5 trillion over the […]

Hong Kong flu, the first modern pandemic

In the years 1968-1970, the influenza of Hong Kong made a million deaths around the world in an almost general indifference. In 2020, with the Covid-19, it’s a whole different story. The world and our perceptions have changed. A look at what is considered to be the first modern pandemic today. Many pandemics have marked […]

A UN report severely criticizes the missions of Cuban doctors

A report by the Rapporteurs on Human Trafficking and Slavery ofUnited Nationshighlight the great human rights violations that exist in the missions ofCuban doctorswho work around the world. The document was prepared last year, but despite this, the missions continue to exist and Argentina is preparing to receive 200 professionals from that country. Specifically, the […]