Consumption: Confesercenti, in 6 months -1.900 euro, Phase3 is not enough – Economy

The restart is not enough to recover the consumption lost for the coronavirus emergency. Despite the reopening of businesses from May, the balance sheet for the first six months of the year still remains strongly negative, with an average drop in expenditure estimated at -1,879 euros per family. This is what emerges from the calculations […]

In Roubaix, a travel agency in uncertainty

” We are closed, despite the deconfinement “Explain Djawed and Yacine Kacedali who manage the travel agency at 92 rue de l’Epeule, Mer et soleil. Like everyone else, she lowered the curtain at the start of confinement but his door didn’t reopen last Monday. If the two men want to communicate today, it is precisely […]

In the face of competitive uncertainty, a new athletics

The coronavirus pandemic has left the athletics season on standby. Besides of postponement of the Games, the Paris European Championship has been canceled and the first six dates of the Diamond League have been left in limbo, with the doubt of whether they will end up being disputed. However, in some countries second-tier competitions are […]

Canceling exams in Northern Ireland leaves students unsure

Closed since March 20, schools in Northern Ireland will not reopen until the start of the new school year in September. Students are exempt from exams and will be assigned a grade by their teachers. I would have preferred to pass my bac, laments Matthew, 18. Last year, I had much better results in the […]

“In this context, any political decision is marked by uncertainty”

The cross : In a context of health crisis, how can the political balance between different dimensions a priori in competition, such as health, economic and social? Karine Lefeuvre: All the tensions you mention can be summed up in the essential balance between individual freedoms and the general interest. This is really what it is […]

Uncertainty grows over North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s health

The health uncertainty of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un, has been flying for a week for its sudden disappearance from the public acts of the Pyong yang regime, especially considering that its public movements are followed to the millimeter by communist propaganda. During the day yesterday, doubts grew to the point that several media […]