Augsburg Panther – AEV relegation: Scenarios & DEL2 playoffs at a glance

The Augsburg Panthers have to tremble about staying in the DEL – and can no longer exert any influence. The view goes towards DEL2. Die Augsburg Panther are in a situation no team wants to be in. And also no player, manager or fan. The season in the German Ice Hockey League (OF THE) is […]

Real Madrid tired of Mbappé’s uncertainty

The management of Real Madrid are tired of the situation with the possible transfer to the club of Pri Saint-Germain striker Killian Mbappe. It is reported by Marca, reports Day.Az with reference to According to the source, in the upcoming summer transfer window, the Madrid club is not going to fight for the French […]

Column by Mauricio Vargas – Stormy winds – Columnists – Opinion

Gustavo Petro’s government ship is going through a storm. For the first time in seven months in office, the president navigates with a negative balance of opinion: both in Datexco and Invamer, half of those surveyed disapprove of his management. In Datexco, that rejection is 48%, and in Invamer it rises to 51%, while in […]

House: rising prices also on the island, up to 3% – Sardinia

Rewrite this content Forecasts for Cagliari and Sassari in line with the rest of the country Cagliari and Sassari in line with the real estate market of the big cities of the rest of Italy. Forecasts for 2023 say that prices will grow in the two main centers of the […]

German bishops spoke to Pope about Cardinal Woelki | North Rhine-Westphalia

During their visit to the Vatican, German bishops pointed out to Pope Francis the burden of uncertainty in the case of Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki. “It was made very clear that the situation in the archdiocese is becoming increasingly unbearable, including for the archbishop,” said the chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference (DBK), Georg […]

Nitroglycerin: taxes, inflation and public debt | Opinion

What happened in the United Kingdom is a good example for Spain of what cannot be done in an energy crisis, with high inflation and very high public debt. A political crisis in which his own party forces Boris Johnson to resign. A very competitive primary process in which you need to be chosen by […]

The rise of the Euribor stops the mortgage firm in Cantabria

At the same time, the average amount of the loans has risen and is now above 112,000 euros The year began with some joy in the mortgage sector and loan contracting figures not seen for more than a decade were reached. However, economic uncertainty, coupled with rising interest rates, has meant that enthusiasm has faded. […]

New Bper plan in June. Profit for the quarter at 112 million – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, 09 MAY – Bper closed the first quarter of the year with a profit of 112.7 million euros, down from the 400 million in the same period of 2020, which benefited, however, from some extraordinary accounting components linked to the purchase of Ubi branches. Pre-tax profit stood at 158.3 million, up 50% […]