They present a preliminary draft of unemployment insurance

The Minister of Labor, Carla Bacigalupo, presented yesterday to the president of the Permanent Commission of Congress, Raúl Latorre, a draft on the creation of unemployment insurance, which was prepared by technicians from the state portfolio, in order to guarantee protection and formalization for workers. It is about granting a payment for six months for […]

January cost, the most severe in a century due to covid-19

Trader in a market on wheels north of Mexico City, Karla Sanchez began 2021 with the diagnosis of covid-19, unable to go out to work and still dragging debts due to lack of income; To this are added the December expenses, the purchase of medicines to combat the disease, the Three Kings Day and tuition […]

“The virus ruined everything, I still have to look for a business”

By publishing these testimonials, Release continues its editorial adventure with the Priority Expression Zone, a participatory media that gives voice to young people in all their diversity and on all subjects that concern them. These stories, also to be discovered on, provide a unique and lively panorama of the youth of France. Find our […]

The Department of Labor advises on the deadline to request an extension of unemployment benefit

Citizens have until next Friday, December 26, to request the 13-week extension of the unemployment insurance benefit. This was reported today by the Secretary of Labor, Carlos Rivera Santiago, stating that the procedure can be done automatically through the agency’s website: Rivera Santiago recalled that this extension of 13 additional weeks, after exhausting at […]

Unemployment remains high in Hessen

Dhe situation on the Hessian labor market did not deteriorate despite the further lockdown in November. However, there is no improvement in sight either. As the regional directorate of the Federal Employment Agency reports, the demand for labor continues to stagnate. Compared to the previous year, the number of vacancies in Hesse has decreased by […]