James Rodríguez could be a Newcastle player – International Soccer – Sports

James Rodríguez is in the news every day. Although there is nothing confirmed from his departure from Real Madrid, because that seems to be the scene of the Colombian, an issue that has taken an unexpected turn. According to the journalist Guillem Balagué, James would be in the plans of the Newcastle of England, that […]

The famous psychic revealed a mistake in the forecast of astrologers

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces at the beginning of the week expects something completely different. Astrologers made a disappointing forecast for water signs for the new week. In their opinion, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be in a deplorable situation: failure will hit all spheres of life of signs. However, the well-known psychic fundamentally disagrees with […]

It’s not an easy time for the Capricorns, but they will “take them out”

April’s “Golovomoyka” will turn into unexpected “fruits of life”. Despite the fact that nature and people slowly thaw after a difficult winter, the coming April promises a lot of events, opportunities and – related difficulties. Among the signs of the zodiac, which have innate opportunities to go through a crisis time without losses and with […]

Locked up with two single toys | Babelia

“Now I am a mother and I am married, but not long ago I was a criminal. My brother and I had been orphaned. That somehow justified everything. We had no one. And it had all happened overnight.” This is how Blanca, the protagonist of A lumpen novel, the last work that Bolaño published in […]

Wajdi Mouawad: An Unexpected Wajdi Mouawad Comedy | Culture

In Greek 2015, Wajdi Mouawad introduced Soeurs with a novelty that surprised: after the first deliveries of The blood of promises, which would eventually form the tetralogy Fire, Coast, Forests i Skies, the comedy tone of Soeurs, led by the same author, seemed to refer to the acidic Lepage, with unexpected echoes of Neil Simon. […]

“Look, feel, Bernie president!” | U.S

The coalition of Latinos and youth that has driven Bernie Sanders in the Nevada primary-lab took a bar in downtown Las Vegas on Saturday night to celebrate results they did not expect. Surveys predicted 30% and made 46%. Nina Turner, Ohio State Senator and one of the most visible faces of the campaign, read the […]