Masks should not be mandatory for children under 5 years: WHO

A group of experts assembled by the World Health Organization examined the evidence on COVID-19 and its transmission in children, as well as the limited evidence available on child use of masks. Based on that analysis and taking into account other factors, such as psychosocial needs and developmental milestones of children, WHO and the UN […]

A fourth international conference to deal with the food emergency in Syria

After ten years of war, hunger is threatening the Syrians. The report is dramatic, when an international aid conference for Syria opened. Nine million people go hungry, that’s 40% more in a year, and the number continues to rise. Josep Borrel, Head of Syrian Diplomacy: “An entire generation of Syrian children has known nothing but […]

Prima slav narozeniny, jako drek nabz pedpremiry Slunen

Byli bychom rdi, kdyby si s nmi divci uili slunen lto, proto jsme se rozhodli pro netradin krok a poprv v na 27let historii bude online premira o vce ne dva msce pedchzet televiznmu vysln. Seril Slunen se stal doslova fenomnem, proto vm, e fanouky touto monost potme, uvedl generln editel skupiny Prima Marek Singer. […]

up to 6,000 children could die every day in six months

It is an impressive collateral damage in the fight against the new coronavirus. Unicef ​​warned on Wednesday May 13 that policies against Covid-19 could have indirect effects like the death of 6,000 children every day for the next six months. The international organization calls for urgent action. Johns Hopkins University Study Covers Three Scenarios: Worst […]

Corona hits the poorest hardest

Dhe corona pandemic threatens hundreds of millions of children and adults worldwide in precarious situations in slums or refugee camps. The absence of vaccinations against diseases such as measles or polio and the lack of medication for malaria threaten health and life, as well as hunger. This affects around 500 million schoolchildren in poorer countries […]

Unicef ​​concerned about lack of immunization for millions of children

The UN agency noted that long before the coronavirus epidemic, as many as 13 million children had never received a basic polio or measles vaccine. This does not only concern the poorest countries, far from it. The current pandemic further complicates their situation. Olivier Bonnel-Vatican City As the world desperately awaits a vaccine, the COVID-19 […]

UNICEF and WHO announce a pandemic solidarity response fund

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have announced the historic callCovid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, to combat the devastating effects of coronaviruses. This fund, according to its creators, is intended to“facilitate an unprecedented global response“in the fight against disease. As part of the agreement, an initial portion of the Fund’s […]

In Athens, the Olympic flame transmitted in very small committees

It is midday this Thursday in Athens, when the president of the Greek Olympic Committee, Spyros Capralos, transmits the Olympic flame to Naoko Imoto, Japanese swimmer who represented her country at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. A few moments earlier, two Greek Olympic champions , Elefterios Petrounias and Katerina Stefanidi, had passed the torch […]