Biden Considers Triangle Encounter with Putin and Zelenskiy

loading… US President Joe Biden is open to triangular meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Photo/NY Post WASHINGTON – White House say President United States of America (AS) Joe Biden will consider meeting his colleagues from Ukraine and Russia to defuse the threat of a Moscow invasion of Kiev. No […]

Attacking the dam, the US almost wiped out tens of thousands of Syrians

loading… The US nearly wiped out tens of thousands of Syrians by attacking the Tabqa dam even though the facility was not on the attack list. Photo/Russia Today WASHINGTON – United States of America (USA) in 2017 bombed a strategic infrastructure in Syria , Dam Tabqa on the Euphrates River, despite being on the no-strike […]

Is there a threat of military conflict? Kiev and pro-Russian separatists accuse each other of armaments

Ukraine and the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (People’s Republic of China) accused each other of arming and preparing for a military conflict on Friday, AFP and TASS reported. According to AFP, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s General Intelligence Agency (GRU) accused Russia of “continuing to increase the military capabilities” of pro-Russian separatists and has supplied […]

5G rollout results in cancellation of flights to the US

Author: VOA Indonesia WASHINGTON DC, – Airlines around the world, including long-haul airline Emirates, Wednesday (19/1/2022), rushed to cancel or change flights to the US because of an ongoing dispute over the rollout of 5G mobile technology near American airports. This problem appears to have an impact on the Boeing 777, the wide-body long-haul […]

Iran and Russia Can Together Against US

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Photo/Times of Israel MOSCOW – Russia and Iran able to unite their efforts in resisting the pressure from United States of America (US). This was stated by the President of Iran Ibrahim Raisi during his two-day visit to Russia. Meet the President Vladimir Putin in […]

Taiwan’s Allies Will Be Zero

loading… Pedestrians cross the Taiwan flag in Taipei. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – Taiwan has found itself with fewer allies in recent years as a number of countries shifted their recognition of the Chinese government, from Taipei to Beijing. The most recent shift occurred last month when Nicaragua recognized China. “It’s a matter of time before Taiwan’s […]

US Crisis in Supplies of Basic Needs, Empty Supermarket Shelves

Washington DC – The high demand for groceries combined with soaring shipping costs, and the shortage of workers due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of the Corona virus (COVID-19), has triggered a new round of shortages in the supply of basic necessities in the United States (US). As reported Reuters, Tuesday (1/18/2022), […]

An Asian woman’s misfortune at a subway station in downtown New York

◀ anchor ▶ An Asian woman was pushed to her death by a black man on a subway in Times Square, New York, USA. Local civic groups strongly condemned it. Correspondent Young-Hoon Jung. ◀ Report ▶ A subway station in Times Square, New York. There is a police line at the entrance. At the platform, […]