Index – Culture – This new series has become cruelly funny

Although Breaking Bad was centered on Bryan Cranston’s chemistry teacher-turned-drug lord, Walter White, and his big-mouthed sidekick, Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, in the AMC drama series that ran for five seasons, it often happened that a certain Saul Goodman stole the show from both of them. Bob Odenkirk’s character, the sleazy corner lawyer, […]

The Stanford “cure” for virus hoaxes is to have real news censored as well

In the beginning it was the «organs», experimental weapons of the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, a multifaceted genius, did not fail to design one in the Codex Atlanticus. The ancestor of the modern machine gun, an instrument dreamed of over the centuries to increase firepower in battle, essentially consisted of a variable number of small-caliber […]

Cooperation makes it possible to study in the USA​

March 19, 2023 at 6:18 p.m Education : Cooperation enables studies in the USA University President Thomas Grünewald signed the cooperation agreement. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences enters into partnership with San Francisco State University nEi belahs aJrh ni nfialenrKio drntsiee?u Dei hceshloHcu edrhNreiien R(S)NH cahtm sda ettzj ilmc:hgö With […]

The Second Jordanian Sustainable Thought Conference to celebrate Women’s Day at the Applied Science Private University

Watan Al-Youm – In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Applied Science Private University in Jordan, in cooperation with the Samar Foundation for Marketing Consulting and the Amox Foundation for Marketing, held its second development conference under the title “The Second Jordanian Conference on Sustainable Thought” under the slogan “Women are at the center of […]

“If we don’t block now, no one will do it for us” – Liberation

In Paris, several hundred young people marched on Thursday March 9 to denounce the impact of pension reform on their future. While negotiations are still ongoing for scholarship reform, they are also calling for better social protection for students. “Retirement is also a matter for young people. We can be the tipping point, the spark […]

Universities in the Esslingen district do not want to ban chatbots

The chatbot “ChatGPT” is used for creating texts. Photo: imago//Jonathan Raa The correct handling of artificial intelligence poses problems for universities. The University of Tübingen recently banned the use of chatbots for exams. This is how the universities in the district of Esslingen deal with the topic. Share this article Before the end of the […]

Linz Digital University – Was the founding rector elected illegally?

Even before it started, the digital university planned in Linz was turning into a farce: the founding president was only elected at the weekend – now there is a supervisory complaint: the appointment is said to have been illegal. Governor Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) is “really more than angry” about the problems in the founding convention […]

universities in Lyon and Tolbiac launch blockades in universities – Liberation

Several campuses have already closed their doors on Monday while the student unions announce mobilizations on March 7, 8, 9 and 10 against the pension reform but also that of scholarships and for the Climate. Even before the mobilization day of March 7 against the pension reform, several university sites have been blocked since Monday […]