Tickets – La Abadía Theater

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For an MRI at Sant’Anna you have to wait 10 months and you can’t book online

The problems encountered for the online booking of MRIs and CAT scans are still unresolved. Last week, La Provincia had also tried, contacting the call center to book two relatively common radiological exams, with poor results. In the province of Como, the computer system, as well as the telephone operator, cannot find any availability for […]

Sandra Mar builds her metal and clay castle in the Rosa Santos gallery

VALENCIA. The Valencian artist Sandra Mar builds her ceramic castle in the Rosa Santos gallery through the exhibition The blood, the eyes or the corsage, curated by Paula Noya de Blas. As the text of the room says, this exhibition, which can be seen until April 28, exposes the creation of his own space in […]

They recreate the life of the mythical Tebdemir through art

Monday, March 20, 2023, 00:15 ‘I, Tebdemir, hero and dux’ is the new cultural project that the Riba-roja de Túria City Council has created with the aim of enhancing the figure of this mythical historical figure who populated the lands of Riba-roja in the 18th century. VIII. On March 24, 25 and 26, artistic creations […]

Big passion for small-scale art in Elche

Elche has had the so-called Ilicitan Association of Static Modeling (AIME), a meeting point where creating models is the excuse for relaxing, fostering friendships and participating in an environment where hobby, small-scale art and a lot of patience come together. “We started hanging out in Mecamodel, a model shop that was in the center, next […]

Half Light – Caught between light and shadow

content / criticism For the successful author Rachel Carlson (Demi Moore) a world collapses when her five-year-old son Thomas (Beans El-Balawi) tragically drowned. Since then she’s been at a low: Marriage to Brian (Henry Ian Cusick) failed, and it doesn’t get any more lines down on paper. To take her mind off things, she rents […]

The Glow of the Arctic at…online

On Sunday (03/19/2023) “Canada – The glow of the Arctic” ran on TV. Here you can find out when and where you can see the country portrait as a repeat, whether only on “classic” TV or also digitally in the media library. On Sunday (03/19/2023) “Canada – The Glow of the Arctic” was shown on […]