US TV critics chose the best TV series of the year

Photo: YouTube The show premiered in October 2019 The best series of the year was recognized as a series that won several nominations at once – Series of the Year, Outstanding TV Movie or Miniseries, Outstanding New Series. The US Television Critics Association named the best TV series of the year. It was the Watchmen […]

Gloomy outlook: A “lost decade” for US stocks follows

The coming years could be a “lost decade” for equity investors, says Blackstone executive vice president Tony James. He predicts that the return on US stocks will collapse as companies will not be able to increase their revenues and profits. According to him, stock prices may not rise, since their assessment already includes a “horizon […]

Insider tips for the city trip: New York, New York – trip

The Hon. William Wall – Bar im Hudson “Ten minutes after jumping on a speedboat at North Cove Marina at Dock F in Battery Park City, we arrived at the Honorable William Wall floating clubhouse Hudson slipped past. I was so enchanted by the New York skyline on one side and Ellis Island with the […]

Austrians mistakenly receive aid checks because of covid signed by Trump

Dozens of Austrians received, apparently due to an administrative error, checks from the United States government issued to their citizens to alleviate the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, reports the public broadcaster ORF today. Among the beneficiaries is a 73-year-old pensioner who lives in Linz and received a check for $ 1,200 (1,013 euros), which […]

Big Apple: The man who reinvented New York for a dollar

AFrom European history we know the phenomenon of enlightened absolutism. In the 18th century, monarchs like Joseph II introduced progressive reforms in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy: arbitrary rule was to be ended, religious tolerance was to be encouraged. No more torture, no more witch trials – instead an expansion of the bureaucracy and compulsory schooling. The […]

Myth New York: The Ultra-Modern City – Travel

The view of the Manhattan skyline is a promise: the promise of luxury and unprecedented comfort, of state-of-the-art technology. Whoever creates such crazy and at the same time insanely beautiful towers made of steel and glass, what conveniences will be for them Have thought about interior design? One thinks. Maybe you have photos of the […]

New York State Relaxes Corona Measures – Coronavirus –

11.05.2020 21:31 (Akt. 11.05.2020 21:56) The relaxation does not apply to New York City © APA (AFP / Getty) In the US state of New York, the strict corona restrictions will be relaxed for the first time this week. The exception, however, is the metropolis of New York City, which will remain in a state […]

USA: autumn blues? But not in New York!

In autumn, one thing in Europe becomes particularly important: melancholy. It’s very different in New York. Here autumn is the golden season. Finally you can take to the streets without hesitation. Published on 11/04/2013 | Reading time: 3 minutes In New York, the autumn days are not gray. Instead, the sky glows blue and the […]