Fauci says the United States is still buried ″ to the knees ″ in the first wave

The United States is still buried “knee deep” in the first wave of covid-19 and must act immediately to combat the recent increase in new cases, the country’s leading infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, said on Monday. The expert said the number of cases of the infection never reached a satisfactory baseline before the current […]

Traveling abroad: Where can you go? (INFOGRAPHY)

In addition to Slovenia, Latvia and Estonia also restricted the entry of Czechs into their territory due to the increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus. While Latvians require a mandatory 14-day quarantine of Czechs upon arrival in the country from 3 July, Estonians introduce this obligation on 7 July. Quarantine in both […]

An American legend has died. The singer collaborated with Elvis or Dylan

According to The New York Times, the singer died at the age of 83 of a stroke in a medical facility in the US state of Tennessee. His agent informed of his departure. Daniels’ career was long and full. In addition to singing, he also played in a band, composed songs and was an avid […]

India is the third country most affected by the pandemic, overtaking Russia

India continues to skyrocket coronavirus disease and the situation in the country continues to dramatize, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Delhi writes on its website. According to data released by the Ministry of Health on Monday, more than 23,000 people have been infected in the last day. In total, there are over 697,400. […]

The photo that puts the royal family back in the middle of the Epstein scandal

Millionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, who was arrested this week on suspicion of helping him prepare minors who were later victims of sexual abuse, was photographed in 2002 on Queen Elizabeth II’s throne. The photo was allegedly taken during a private visit to Buckingham Palace, organized by Prince André, with whom some minors claim to have […]

Corona: RKI reports 219 new infections – maps, numbers, graphics

Dhe health offices in Germany have according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 219 new corona infections reported within a day. So at least since the beginning of the Corona crisis 196.554 People in Germany have been shown to be infected with Sars-CoV-2, as the RKI reported on Monday morning (data status July 6, midnight). […]

Corona: 2.84 million infections in the US – maps, numbers, charts

Dhe Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin has the number of people infected with the coronavirus in Germany on Sunday 196.335 indicated – an increase of 239 since the previous day. The RKI, which only takes into account the electronically transmitted figures from the federal states and updates its list once a day, registered 9012 […]

Culture of remembrance: Why there were never Hitler monuments

AOn the dance floor of insanity that we call Twitter, a strange micro-debate about Hitler monuments can be followed for days. It is a branch of the controversy over outdated monuments that began with the overthrow of the slave trader statue in Bristol by an activist mob. In short, it is about the argument that […]

Meghan mom a second time? Harry confirmed that the second child is on his way!

Fans of Meghan’s second pregnancy were suspected by fans after Prince Harry’s wife rounded up suspiciously and often grabbed her stomach, similar to the first pregnancy. Plus, Harry made it known that two children and Meghan were planning! The news of Meghan’s second pregnancy also appeared in Woman’s Day. „Harry confirmed that the second child […]