Observer about iPhone 14: The enthusiasm will be higher than the previous product – iPhone 14 has been registered and passed certification from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). It seems that this smartphone made by Apple will soon be released in Indonesia. The details of when is still a mystery. However, based on information, next November the device can be adopted by Indonesian users. Seeing […]

Facebook suffers an error and spams celebrity accounts with fake photos

The Facebook platform has registered this Wednesday a bug by which it has shown users of the social network false publications of personal profiles and pages of famous people and celebrities whom they do not follow. This error in the social network owned by Meta began to be noticed around 07:00 hours this Wednesday (mainland […]

7 Interesting Facts about Matraman Station Tried to Get On and Off for Passengers Today All

JAKARTA, – The Ministry of Transportation will test the Matraman Station in East Jakarta today. This means that Jabodetabek KRL passengers can try out this new station to get on and off KRL, especially for passengers around Matraman and Kampung Melayu. Let’s look at some interesting facts about Matraman Station compiled by, namely: […]

Why should your company do mass mailing?

Why should your company do mass mailing? We understand mass mailing as the simultaneous sending of the same email to Internet users who have registered in a database. June 17, 2022

WhatsApp removes a feature hated by many users

Sunday, May 15, 2022 14:50 WhatsApp allows you to change the phone number when using the instant messaging application. The problem arises during this change since many users lose their scheduled contacts, without the possibility of communicating. But don’t worry, there is a solution that is here to stay. WhatsApp removes a feature hated by […]