Elon Musk Proposes Charging Users for Social Media – Would You Pay?

One of the latest news I read about Elon is that he wanted to put of the forum that use Twitter, would you be willing to pay that monthly fee? If you don’t have Twitter, imagine what happens with Instagram or other social networks that you have. Would you pay for the use of them? […]

Elon Musk Considers Imposing Monthly Fee on ‘X’ Users to Combat Bots

New logo, another name, payment services, layoffs… Elon Musk has not stopped implementing changes in ‘X’, the old Twitter, and it seems that the tycoon is still not satisfied with the social network that he bought in October 2022 for 44,000 million dollars. He has now revealed that he is considering imposing a monthly fee […]

Elon Musk plans to charge all X users

Since Elon Musk, magnate owner of Tesla, bought Twitter, the social network has undergone many changes. In fact, it is now called X and seeks to be a platform that goes beyond a simple social network. That said, it seems that many would prefer to stay out of the future of X since Elon Musk […]

Do you use Chrome, Edge or Firefox? Critical vulnerability puts millions of users at risk

Google confirmed that the security flaw, which also affects multiple applications, is being actively exploited by hackers. Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave and Tor browsers already have security updates to correct the vulnerability. A new critical vulnerability has been discovered that affects multiple browsers and applications and could jeopardize the security of millions of users. […]

PJ: users can file lawsuits with electronic file 24 hours a day

To date, it has received close to 900,000 through the Electronic Parts Table. President of the Judiciary, Javier Arévalo Vela, affirms that the process of digital transformation in the institution is irreversible The Judiciary received 888,896 lawsuits from the beginning of the implementation of the Electronic Judicial File (EJE), in 2017, to the present, in […]

Threads loses almost 80% of active users in a month

The number of active users of the red social Threadsproperty of Mark Zuckerbergis down almost five times compared to the peak figures in mid-July. The analysis was made by the newspaper The echoeswhich cites data from Similarweban analytics company that evaluates the audience using devices Android. According to the results, on July 7 the number […]

Iberia’s Controversial Response to Gerard Autet’s Complaint Sparks Outrage and Criticism

Iberia’s response to former soccer player Gerard Autet provokes outrage and criticism among Twitter users The airline unfortunately replied to Autet after he addressed them in Catalan Hours later, Iberia published a message apologizing to the former soccer player and offering to help him Everything related to planes, airports and airlines is a recurring theme […]