Shed and Vessel: A Visit to Hudson Yards in New York

ET’s not proper, it’s basically crude to find the Hudson Yards in New York cool or even acceptable. The Hudson Yards – that’s an area of ​​about eleven hectares on the west side of Manhattan, not far from Penn Station, where there was actually nothing until yesterday. To be more precise, there were Long Island […]

Bad luck is worse than Corona Virus Outbreak

VATICAN CITY, – Pope Francis stated that gossiping or gossiping is an epidemic that is worse than the corona virus. Therefore, he urged Catholics around the world to avoid gossiping and indulging in people’s disgrace. The Pope said that gossip can also divide the Roman Catholic Church New Dawn. The supreme leader of Catholics […]

They denounce that China hacked the Vatican

Vatican City – The Vatican and the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong were hacked by agents linked to the Chinese government before negotiations on the resumption of an agreement on relations between China and the Vatican, a monitoring group denounced. The alleged hack was carried out by a group called RedDelta and began in May […]

“China hacks Vatican in the run-up to talks about Catholic Church role” | NOW

Chinese hackers have invaded the Vatican’s computer network for three months, reports US internet security company Recorded Future. It is believed to be the first time that hackers linked to the Chinese government have been caught red-handed attacking the administration of the Catholic Church. According to Recorded Future, the hackers targeted communications between the Vatican […]

Pope outraged Catholics – bishops refused to follow instructions

The Catholic Church has hardly any priests left. That is why more and more non-clerics are taking on leadership roles. But now the Pope says: This is not how it works. And now? In Rome, when the asphalt steams in midsummer, the air shimmers and the contours blur, life in the Eternal City comes to […]

Pope Francis writes a letter of condolence to Benedict XVI

Pope Francis expressed his condolences to his predecessor Benedikt on the death of his brother Georg Ratzinger. “In this hour of mourning I would like to express once again my sympathy and my spiritual closeness,” wrote the 83-year-old Francis to the retired German Pope. The Vatican published the letter on Thursday. Georg Ratzinger, the long-time […]

That interview with Don Georg born of a lie – Politics

(by Francesco Bongarrà) (ANSA) – ROME, JULY 1 – I interviewed Georg Ratzinger the day after the election of Pope Benedict XVI thanks to a lie. In front of the large house in the historic center of Regensburg, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral and the Danube, there were about fifty television crews and media […]

Pope Benedict XVI’s Elder dies at 96 years of age Page all

VATICAN CITY, – Pope Benedict XVI’s brother is reported to have died at the age of 96, according to information provided by the Vatican. The sad news came two weeks after the Pope, who was enthroned from 2005 to 2013, visited Germany to visit his brother. Georg Ratzinger’s father is reportedly being treated in […]