New dates to pay property and vehicle tax 2022 in Bogotá with a discount

The Mayor’s Office of Bogotá informed the interested parties of the change in the dates to pay these two taxes that put many in trouble year after year. The extension will be two months to register and pay with the 10% discount. through the Secretary of Finance of Bogotá extended the dates to pay this […]

Late Payment of Vehicle Taxes Can Get A Ticket, Here’s the Explanation

JAKARTA, – Owners of both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles are required to pay tax once a year. This tax payment is also made for the validity of the annual Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK). So if the vehicle owner is late in paying the vehicle tax, the STNK will die. So if the STNK dies, […]

How to Pay Motor Vehicle Taxes Online, Without Having to Go to Samsat All

JAKARTA, – Today the use of technology for public services is increasingly widespread and integrated. So, there is no need to bother with face-to-face dealing with things such as motor vehicle taxes. Through the digital vehicle tax service application, the National Digital Samsat (Signal), which was developed by the Korlantas Polri, owners no longer […]

Not many know, all vehicles will be affixed with hologram stickers

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Korlantas Polri together with Jasa Raharja and the Directorate General of Regional Finance at the Ministry of Home Affairs officially presented the innovation of digitizing the vehicle tax (road tax). This is done in line with the rapid era of digitalization. What does it mean? So, every motorized vehicle, whether car […]