Some 240 gas stations in Croatia at risk of closure

“The government’s decision threatens small businesses. They will close some gas stations, some are already closing, because there is no fuel and they do not have money to buy it (…) We foresee the closure of 240 gas stations on the territory of Croatia”, reported the head of the association of oil product retailers, Armando […]

Antifreeze treatment maintains its effect for five years

An antifreeze treatment whose effect lasts five years was developed by Russian researchers. The advance allows metals, plastics and glass to maintain their properties for five years and “their anticorrosive effect for a period of up to 15 years,” indicated the Platform of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The advance guarantees a high degree of […]

They pay tribute to the lawyer Carlos Escarrá Malavé

The Municipal Council of Caracas held an act in tribute to the lawyer Carlos Escarrá Malavé with the recognition of 240 lawyers. The activity was attended by the deputy of the National Assembly, Hermán Escarrá, who thanked the initiative “it is a gesture of recognition of Carlos Escarrá Malavé’s career, but it is also a […]

What are the Russian raw materials to counterbalance the chip industry

Russia has raw material to confront the chip industry with sanctions from Western countries. According to experts, the Eurasian nation has options to be the sanctioning party. Among the materials found in that country are sapphire wafers, which are thin plates made of artificial stone and are essential for the production of microprocessors. On this […]

Venezuelan goes viral by revealing the reasons for leaving Chile

“The cost of living in Chile has been increasing (…) the rents are exaggeratedly expensive,” accused the TikTok user. And Venezuelan citizen revealed a number of reasons what they took him to leave Chile to return to his countrygoing viral on social networks. It’s about the user @klebertbookwho gave four reasons to return to Venezuela. […]

Evangelical pastor in Falcón charged with illegal practice of medicine and harassment

The Public Ministry charged José Mujica, who, using himself as an evangelical pastor, offered illegal cytology services to women who attended the church located in Falcón. The information was released by the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab on his Twitter account, @TarekWiliamSaab, where he highlighted that the accused sexually abused his victims during medical activity. […]

Kerly Ruiz comes to work in Venezuela | Showbiz 123

Diego Rivero/ @Diiegorivero Venezuelan cheerleader Kerly Ruiz revealed through her Instagram account that she will be back in Venezuela. And it is that the cheerleader responded to a follower through a dynamic of questions and answers that in weeks will be in the National territory. “Well, I’ll tell you that, if I go to Venezuela […]

How to use cucumber and coconut oil to stimulate collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for providing elasticity and tension to the skin, and that is why here we tell you about a homemade cream prepared with cucumber and coconut oil, to stimulate collagen production. Before applying it, you should consult a dermatologist and perform an allergy test to verify that the mixture […]

Possible tropical cyclone threatens Venezuela and the Caribbean islands

A tropical disturbance with the potential to become a hurricane threatened the Caribbean coast of Venezuela and the islands of Bonaire, Aruba, Curaçao and Trinidad on Tuesday. According to the National Hurricane Center of the United States, in Miami, the system was on Tuesday morning 420 kilometers east of Trinidad, with maximum sustained winds of […]