Gabriel Amat visits the ‘Safe Summer’ tent in Roquetas de Mar

He Roquetas de Mar Town Hallthrough the Cabinet of Traffic Education of the Local Police dependent on area Education, Conservation and Maintenance of Public Buildingshas launched the “Enjoy safe summer” campaign for another year. Thus, training in road safety and education has been transferred to the municipality’s promenades with the assembly of the Traffic Education […]

Ian Watkins was taken to hospital from prison in a life-threatening condition

Ian Watkins was beaten and stabbed in prison. According to the sources, the former frontman of Lostprophets, who was shut down due to pedophile crimes, is in a life-threatening condition. According to information from The Sun, Ian Watkins was attacked by three of his fellow prisoners and dragged into a cell at HMP Prison Wakefield, […]

Bear Takes a Relaxing Dip in a Burbank Jacuzzi During California Heat Wave

A bear appeared in a house in Burbank, California, bathing in a jacuzzi. OTHER NEWS: The curious incident with a dog at La Aurora airport Recently, the southern California It has suffered from an intense heat wave that has led the population to look for ways to stay cool and to protect themselves from the […]

PSOE and Sumar disagree on aid for mortgagees, which very few request- NIUS

Díaz defends his proposal to offer a bonus of 1,000 euros for vulnerable mortgagees as a redistribution of income to families Calviño considers that it is necessary to “flee from the measures that return to giving public money to the banks” Although the Government estimated that a million families could benefit from the Code of […]

BAZ-S36A11 – “oilman” with combat potential

BAZ-S36A11. Source: Unusual asset of Almaz-Antey The Russian automotive industry does not often please with new products, especially since February 22 last year. Unexpectedly, good news came from where they did not expect it – from the Almaz-Antey defense concern. Under the traditionally difficult to pronounce index S36A11, a prototype heavy truck BAZ debuted. […]

“We are saddened, he was a very endearing person”

This Wednesday, we unfortunately had to share the sad news. Jean-François Reynvoet, the well-known market gardener in the town of Quévy but also known to viewers for his participation in “Love is in the meadow”, died at the age of 52. The permaculture and organic market gardening enthusiast passed away on Tuesday. Two days earlier, […]

“30-Month Guarantee on Technology Products: Trust in our Quality and Service”

Our name says it all: Technology asgoodasnew – as good as new. We stand by our first-class quality and our premium service. That’s why you get a whopping 30-month guarantee on all products when you make a purchase. We accept for our products (Phones, Tablets, Cameras, Lenses, Laptops, iMacs & Smartwatches) from our store among […]