Federal Court of Justice declares Krefeld’s judgment to be final

November 4, 2020 at 4:56 pm judgment : Federal Court of Justice declares Krefeld’s judgment to be final According to the judge, the death of the 84-year-old is a consequence of the attack. Photo: dpa / Volker Hartmann Krefeld The victim fell in a robbery and died afterwards. If a seriously injured robbery victim waives […]

the ex-companion of the victim placed in pre-trial detention

On the night of October 7, the Roubaix police officers intervened in rue de la Baillerie, in Wattrelos, for a victim wounded by bullets. A column mounted by several patrols of the anti-crime brigade (BAC) arrested a suspect holed up in a house, rue du Château-d’or. Hit by Skorpion submachine gun bullets and stabbed, a […]

the victim received several stab wounds in the stomach

Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 9:16 a.m. The teenager prostituted herself in an apartment in Noisiel, in the Parisian suburbs. What happened last Friday, October 16 in Noisiel, in the Paris region? A 15-year-old teenager was found stabbed in an Airbnb apartment. According to Le Parisien, she used this rental for the purpose […]

28-year-old woman shot dead by her ex-companion in Salvaterra de Magos – News

Casal had been separated for three months. A 30-year-old woman was killed, shot in the head, this Sunday, in a house in Muge, Salvaterra de Magos, with suspicion that the murderer is the husband she had separated from three months ago. The man – who is partly uncertain – lured the victim Saturday to his […]

Judge acquits blogger Gustavo Rugeles of domestic violence – Investigation – Justice

The 13th criminal court of knowledge in Bogotá acquitted blogger Gustavo Rugeles Urbina of the crime of domestic violence. Rugeles Urbina was indicted in December 2017 for the alleged assault on his then partner, Marcela González Olaya. At the time, the Prosecutor’s Office asked to withdraw the hearing to request an assurance measure against him. […]

Arson of the Ciracas Police, Prada MI Threatened by the ITE Law

Merdeka.com – Central Commander Police Military (Danpuspom) Major General TNI Eddy Rate Muis said that until now his party together with the Police are still investigating the case of vandalism and arson at the Ciracas Police Headquarters. Jakarta East. “The masses came into the courtyard of damaged buildings, official and private vehicles parked at the […]