Dispute over money: Bergmann kills carer with knife and machete | Regional

Saarbrücken – The former miner Erich B. (55) from Saarbrücken sits in the dock of the regional court. He is accused of manslaughter against his legal guardian Jörg B. (†60). On March 28th around 1 p.m. there was an argument between the two of them in the 55-year-old’s apartment on Brauerstrasse. Apparently it was about […]

Hanoi: Temporarily suspend cultural and sports activities until September 17

City Party Secretary Dinh Tien Dung encouraged and provided support to families in the mini apartment fire in Thanh Xuan district. (Photo: Xuan Quang/Vietnam+) Hanoi Party Committee Office issued Notice No. 1337-TB/TU, conveying the conclusions of the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee on the work of directing and overcoming the consequences of the […]

Bullying in schools: “How my son went from victim to bully”

The phenomenon of bullying in schools has taken on huge proportions in recent years. In fact, a few days before the first bell rings and students return to school, the descriptions of a father about what his son experienced at school from his classmates are shocking. The testimony of a father who explains how his […]

Typhoon Saola Hits Southern China, Leaving Destruction and Flooding in Its Wake

Typhoon Saola made landfall in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong early Saturday as violent winds battered nearby Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, leaving at least one dead and a trace of destruction and flooding in many areas. According to local media reports, the deceased died in Shenzhen after a tree fell and hit his […]

Terrifying femicide in Yopal, the victim would have been dismembered

“That day we were going to the farm to harvest the corn crop, when those men came to take my husband and my daughter ‘la cubita’, the youngest who is 6 months pregnant.” “We have walked in the sun, in the rain and we will continue to do so until we know what happened,” is […]

Found the body of the 4th victim in a labor accident in Quang Ninh

The area of ​​Vang Danh Coal Company, Uong Bi city, where a labor accident caused 4 people to crash. (Photo: broadcast by VNA) The Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Quang Ninh province informed that around 0:00 on August 27, the last victim in a labor accident at Danh Vang Danh-Vinacomin Coal Company […]

Laidze decides on the provider of the roof replacement service for the storm victim

august placethis vhave beentra, hen no secām nav attāhave you hadī indīvotāher mājas, postīhurt youīhave you hadī Lethave beenbeing destroyed by hailstones «Solsticežu» mostlyāvu the roof of the house. August 14ā house noīvotāshe gathershave been Laidze brīvā pass the timeehanas center exhahu zālhave been kopā ar SIA «Talsi householder» pārstāthe wind judged the roof mainoand […]

Accident on the Kapan-Norashenik highway. there is a victim

On July 1, at 06:36, the crisis management center of the Syunik Regional Rescue Department received an alert that an accident had occurred on the Kapan-Norashenik highway. there is a victim. One combat team from the fire-rescue squad of the Regional Rescue Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs went to the scene of the […]