Controversy over two concerts in Miami – Telemundo Miami (51)

A mask and glove free welcome in times of mandatory quarantine, that was what the guests at a party at a Brickell apartment. On the balcony of the apartment, the best view to witness in the front row, the live concert of DJ David Guetta, in the Icon hotel. Juan Patrón, who attended the party […]

Cologne landscapes from the country

Following the Corona virus outbreaks seen for the first time in Turkey was going to try to eliminate the need for citizens yesterday pharmacies and grocery stores. Citizens panicked in front of the cologists, although the authorities explained that only one case was detected and that it was in treatment. The demand for easily stocked […]

With a viral meme, Trump gets a taste of his own medicine (opinion)

Other images of the same moment that have a hair component show a less distinctive color contrast in the President’s hair line, proving that the photograph was viral organized. In confirming this opinion, the account submitted by the photograph, which claimed that it was controlled by a photographer William Moon, said that the color of […]

Wealth and poverty, seen from a refugee camp

A few songs have already passed through this section that tried to reflect the economic inequalities between different parts of the world and the difference between being born in a privileged country or in another located at the tail of all classifications. Of course, most of those music came from the ‘cool’ side, were signed […]

2 Challenges by Boston Students Iran from the Country – NBC Boston

Two Iranian college students have filed civil rights complaints with the US Department of Irish Security, saying they were being abused and illegally arriving in Boston International Airport in Logan. Shahab Dehghani, who attends Northeast University, and Reihana Emami Arandi, who were about to start classes at Harvard University, recently filed specific complaints with the […]

David Foster Wallace Suicide and Lessons: Letters

John ZieglerCamarillo, Calif. My husband died by suicide in August 2019, following intensive drug treatment and counseling for a major depression disorder. Like most survivors of suicide, I (and our family) have regret and guilt that there was something else that could be done to protect and save from depression. You had the right article […]