Why does Mari Törőcsik’s daughter Teréz not care about her mother’s legacy?

Ever since the death of the actress Mari Törőcsik, her legendary house looks deserted, even though she has an heir, and not some distant relative, but Mari Törőcsik’s daughter, Teréz, who is said to have been there only once since her mother’s death. His people don’t understand me The people of Velem are perplexed by […]

The data clearly show what is wrong with Budapest’s Olympic bid

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was struck by the fact that there are not enough applicants for not only the winter but also the summer games to create a meaningful competition between the applicant cities. After Budapest withdrew in February 2017, Paris received the 2024 Games, Los Angeles the 2028 Games, and the 2032 Olympics […]

Index – Culture – What did our politicians wear this summer?

It’s an old truth that fashion is not men’s business, and it doesn’t have to be, but it’s essential that the stronger ones don’t even realize some things about what can and what isn’t advisable to wear. Fortunately, it seems that we are over the pair of sandals and socks, it is still more appropriate […]

Orbán wants Trump back: “Then there would be no war in Ukraine”

© AP Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants Donald Trump to become US president again, because then there would be no war in Ukraine. He made this statement at a conservative convention. adbBron: Bloomberg, Guardian Yesterday at 04:34 The “conservative political action coalition” CPAC, backed by the US Republican Party, held its second meeting in […]

Ukraine does not exist in the financial sense, Orbán said

According to Orbán, the entire European Union subsidizes Ukraine’s financial system. “The question is, will we keep Ukraine financially? If the United States and Europe answer no to this question, then the war is over,” he stated. At the same time, Orbán added that this is not happening yet and that Hungarian taxpayers also support […]

The arrest warrant for Putin: The Hague confused many countries. It is already being resolved. Missile warning to the Bundestag

“We would fire our missiles at the Federal Chancellery and the Bundestag.” Russian Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev strongly warned Berlin what would happen if the Germans tried to arrest President Putin during his hypothetical trip to the country, as Federal Justice Minister Bushman had advised. The International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an […]

Orbán will move the Hungarian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Despite the EU

Both Israeli and Hungarian media reported that Budapest will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem next month. In doing so, it would violate the international consensus regarding the status of this disputed city. Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjartó agreed on the move last week, The Times of Israel […]