Zero tolerance: why Chicago is sinking into violence and New York is alive

Et in the history of New York City there have repeatedly been phases in which the city seemed to sink into a wave of violence. One of them wasn’t that long ago. In the early 1990s, the police counted more than 1.1 million crimes each year. There were 100,000 break-ins, over 200,000 robberies and nearly […]

Cichanous wants a UN observation mission. The Belarusian minister criticized the “destructive forces”, including the Czech Republic – ČT24 – Czech Television

Cichanouska’s speech to the UN Security Council took place at the request of her non-permanent member Estonia. According to the website, the politician stated: “There is unrest in my country, Belarus. Mild protesters are detaining, beating and imprisoning. The protests themselves began after a cynical and outrageous attempt by Mr Lukashenko to steal people’s […]

Reunion, a “laboratory” for the start of the school year in the metropolis?

If the island has so far been little affected by the epidemic, the number of Covid-19 cases is multiplying. “For the first time, Reunion is experiencing real viral circulation”, lamented, Friday August 21, the prefect Jacques Billant. As of Tuesday, August 25, 48 infected people were recorded in just 24 hours. The Regional Health Agency […]

Fight against violence against women: a sufficient budget?

Has the government not devoted as much money as announced to its policy of combating violence against women? This is supported by two senators, Eric Bocquet (Communist Party) and Arnaud Bazin (LR), in a report filed on July 8 and conveniently published this week on the Senate website. Or a few days before the first […]

animators suspended for violence against a two-year-old child

The facts were discovered thanks to a video circulating on Snapchat: we see a two-year-old child crying and having trouble falling asleep during the nap, according to what the municipality reports to France Bleu. One of the animators, annoyed by the tears, then approaches the little girl and pushes her violently against the ground. The […]

ICRC reports more than 600 violent incidents against health professionals and COVID-19 patients

FILE PHOTO. Reference image of healthcare workers at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, California, USA. August 6, 2020. REUTERS / Mike Blake BOGOTA, Aug 19 (Reuters) – More than 600 incidents of violence, harassment or stigmatization against health professionals, patients and medical infrastructure have been registered worldwide during the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic, […]

Belarus: Michel calls extraordinary EU summit – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 17 – The President of the European Council Charles Michel has convened an extraordinary EU summit on the crisis in Belarus for Wednesday. Michel himself announced it on his Twitter account. “Belarusians have the right to decide their future and freely elect their leader. Violence against demonstrators is unacceptable and cannot […]

The Belarusian star stood up for the protesters. She had to flee after the threats

The story of Tatiana Borodkina was published by the British BBC. According to her, this popular TV cookbook has become another of a growing number of Belarusian state media employees who “pour sand into the gears of the Belarusian propaganda machine”, which has been helping to keep President Alexander Lukashenko in power for 26 years. […]

“The rise of violence in France is an indication of a growing social fracturing”

Paul Godefrood is a former student of ESSEC. In September 2017, he launched The New Guard, a site whose ambition is to participate in the refoundation of the right on a liberal conservative basis. This Tuesday, July 21, while being questioned by Gilles Bouleau on the European agreement allowing a concerted recovery plan between the […]